Nordaq Fresh Banquet Water Purification System - Peterborough, Cambridgeshire


Rare one off offer, on ex-demo, almost new water purification system.
Comes with everything seen in the picture and over 60 Nordaq Fresh glass bottles.

Nordaq FRESH is bottled on-site, purifying local tap water as it passes through the patented propriety filter system. The filter removes impurities and unwanted flavours while retaining the water’s natural salts and minerals for a neutral, balanced and rounded taste that enhances the taste of food and wine.

Nordaq Fresh is a new Swedish water filtration system that may change the way restaurants think about drinking water.
Nordaq Fresh allows you to provide, locally filtered flat or sparking, water. The benefits of purifying water on site at are no need to ship, move and store heavy bottles, and more importantly the environmental impact.

The system provides cold, freshly circulated flat or sparkling water on tap. The novelty of the system is its ability to filter out all of the things you don't want (discoloration, funky tastes, VOCs, PAH, particles and bacteria) while retaining all of the things you do want (salts and minerals). In other words, it provides the benefits of many mineral waters without the expense and hassle of shipping them half way around the world, with the additional benefit of always being fresh.

For more details see the manufacturers site.

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Located Peterborough.

For an additional charge we can offer mainland UK delivery.

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