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This air-cooled, self-contained condenser produces approx 480lbs of ice per 24hrs
- This CME 456AS offers very low operating costs based on lower water and electrical usage
- AutoIQ Control system monitors and controls the ice machines' functions to ensure consistent ice production and reduce running costs
- The CME456 Evaporator is a hot, tin dipped, molecularly bonded plate that has been field tested and proven reliable
- Rust-free Polyethylene Base and Food Zone is insulated with 1-1/2" 0f foam which keeps water and food zones cool to reduce running costs and is backed by a Life-time Rust-free warranty
- Protected with AquaAmor, a silver-based anti-microbial compound that reduces the growth of bacteria, micro organisms, algae, mold and slime on ice-machine surfaces
This Ice Machine is in excellent cleaned and tested condition !!

£1275 ono including VAT

Scotsman CME456AS-6C Ice Machine on Scotsman BH360S Ice Bin-480lbs production per 24hrs!!
| Ref #: 7771519f27e8
This ice maker is in very good condition, cleaned and tested by our qualified engineers, has had a New compressor fitted, The IM 21CLE makes 22kg of ice in 24 Hours, has an11.5kg Storage Bin Capacity, ice size 28x28x32 stainless steel, single phase power,

£550 +VAT

Hoshizaki Im-21Cle Ice Maker
| Ref #: 7ccaadfe137e
Designed to make long lasting, crystal clear ice, this ice machine is a reliable, powerful and attractive addition to your front of house. This high capacity ice machine is perfect for the most demanding of restaurants, bars and clubs.
The addition of the front ventilation panel allows versatility in where the machine is positioned. The machine is fabricated from corrosion resistant stainless steel and has a manual self-cleaning cycle, durable control panel which helps provide long lasting hassle free operation.

£750 +VAT

Used ice machine for sale
| Ref #: 49c15c841506
Provide your customers with long lasting, crystal clear ice with this mains filled Polar Spray Ice
Machine. Customers will really notice the difference as the ice produced by this machine is of the
highest quality, perfect for adding to premium drinks or for crushing.
Fabricated from strong stainless steel this compact Polar ice machine comes with manual self-
cleaning cycle and is ideal for pubs, clubs, bars and other similar establishments.

£295 +VAT

Used polar ice machine
| Ref #: 344970b00efd
HFA Removals
One (unit to right) Scotsman AF200 ice flaker machine. These units have a 200kg production capacity with a 60kg+ storage bin. One unit remaining, in excellent condition still with protective wrapping to both sides. Intelligent PCB with self diagnostics, front panel in & out airflow for built in installation. Grade 304 stainless steel, additional protection with AGION Antimicrobial Product Protection.

£995 VAT Free

Used ice machine for sale
| Ref #: a3c66ebf004a
Very nice unit fully tested
Produces up to 58 lb (26 kg) per day and stores 36 lb (16 kg), meeting the ice demands for many different applications

£350 +VAT ono

Used ice machine for sale
| Ref #: f829080053fc
Perfect for use in a wide range of establishments such as pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants this polar ice machine offers high output ice making with ease. Constructed from robust stainless steel, it's designed to be strong and durable, whilst also being incredibly simple to use and clean. This is the perfect ice machine for the most demanding of restaurants, clubs and bars.
Please note: Comes complete with scoop.

£350 +VAT

Commercial ice machine for sale
| Ref #: c9ba2bb24ee8
Manitowoc SD0322A + Manitowoc B420 Bin
Production: 154Kg / 24hrs
Storage: 141Kg
Dimensions: 560w x 860d x 194h + 15cm with legs
This unit has been refurbished and has been bench tested on and off for the last month and with no problems each time. Condition is good, has ice machine related marks from a hotel environment.
Can be switched on a day or 2 before collection to show it full of ice and working as it should.

£650 ono VAT Free

Manitowoc SD0322A Ice Maker Machine with storage bin B420
| Ref #: 9698641a2255
Provide your customers with ice cold drinks all year round with this compact ice machine by polar. It is capable of creating crystal clear ice this ice machine is perfect for any back bar location. The ice that it produces is perfect for the premium of drinks and is also perfect for crushing. The ice machine features a manual self-cleaning cycle and is fabricated from high quality stainless steel which makes it easy to maintain and clean.

£295 +VAT

Used Ice machine for sale
| Ref #: f98d961610ca
Hoshizaki Dmc-60ke
Ice and water machine dispenser
Cubelet ice

£1799 +VAT

Ice and water machine for sale
| Ref #: 4496866668f8
Hoshizaki Im-100ne
Produces large cubed ice
Storage 50kg

£1505 +VAT

Used large ice cube maker for sale
| Ref #: 0a1efe4beb08
Hoshizaki dim-30de ice cube dispensers
Dispenses cubed ice only
Brand new no box
Ex exhibition stock

£2195 +VAT

Ice cube dispenser for sale UK
| Ref #: 225b5b3466b1
Compact and convenient, the Caterlite manual fill ice machine is the ideal ice maker for staff rooms, waiting areas, small restaurants or even the home. Incredibly easy to use, simply manually fill the internal water reservoir and bullet-shaped ice is produced in either small or large sizes as preferred. Dispensing ice is also effortless - either use the supplied scoop or remove the whole plastic ice basket in one go.

£70 +VAT

Table top ice machine
| Ref #: 019eba6e0a1e

Sold Scotsman AC225 Ice Cube Maker - Liversedge, West Yorkshire

Price: £995 ono including VAT
New ice machine for sale
Scotsman AC225 Ice cube maker
175kg per 24hr-Large bin holds 70kg
Exc clean/tested condition

£995 ono including VAT

New ice machine for sale
| Ref #: a359557b2941
Stylish, well-constructed stainless steel manual fill ice machine from Polar, designed for stress-free and easy operation in bars, cafes and restaurants. No water connection is required - simply lift the lid, fill the water reservoir and fresh ice will fill the internal removable basket (holds approximately 120 cubes). The front panel allows you to select the different sizes of ice as required. Supplied with scoop.

£120 +VAT

New Polar Ice maker
| Ref #: 0f0344267066
This outstanding ice machine with large storage bin is perfect for a wide range of establishments.
This superb machine is capable for the most demanding of restaurants and hotels and comes complete with scoop. This ice machine is in excellent condition and has seen very little usage.

£1850 +VAT

Used ice machine for sale
| Ref #: 1fec9b05d504
Ensure your customers drinks stay colder for longer with this smart ice machine by popular manufacturer Foster. It produces ultra-cold square cubes that last longer in the glass. Additionally it uses as little as 5 litres of water to produce 1 kilo of ice making this ice machine perfect for the busiest of establishments.

£495 +VAT

Pub Ice machine
| Ref #: 9767cf6a4cd7
This compact ice crusher is capable of crushing ice in a matter of seconds. It is suitable for hollow ice cones, full ice cones and full ice cubes this is the cost effective way to produce all the crushed ice your business requires. This ice crusher is complete with removable tub and stainless steel scoop. This ice crusher is the perfect complement to your ice maker.

£695 +VAT

compact ice crusher for sale
| Ref #: c3fc4211f646

Class EQ 25 Ice Machine - Warrington

Price: £195 VAT Free
Used ice machine for sale
CLASSEQ 25 ice machine
Costed new: £492 (original invoice can be provided upon request)
Quick sale price: £195

£195 VAT Free

Used ice machine for sale
| Ref #: babe635100c8
Ice-O-Matic ICEU 065 self-contained ice cube maker, grade 304 stainless steel, standard medium cube.
Approximately 2 > 3 years old. Very clean unit with protective wrapping still on sides
Front panel in & out airflow for built-in installation
Additional protection with AGION Antimicrobial Product Protection
Dimensions (mm): 457(w) x 522(d) x 725(h)
Max. production/24hrs: 31 kg
Bin Capacity: 14 kg

£495 £450 VAT Free

Ice-O-Matic ICEU 065 Ice Cube Maker
| Ref #: ea067603fdcd
Nearly new unit with a couple of dint's nothing major.
Product IM-65LE-C (Air Cooled, Cylinder)
Ice Production Capacity (kg/24h) 55
Storage Bin Capacity (kg) 26 kg
Electrical Supply 1/220-240V/50Hz
Electrical capacity (kW) 0,43

£750 +VAT ono

Hoshizaki IM-65LE Ice Maker
| Ref #: d1b46888e696
Using the latest spray technology water is sprayed into ice moulds at subzero temperatures, building up layer upon layer of dense, crystalline ice. The machine cabinet is constructed using catering grade stainless steel for strength and hygiene, while the insulated storage bin is constructed using non-toxic antibacterial plastic for improved insulation and hygiene.
Storage Capacity (Kg) 40 Ice Production (Kg/24hr) 70
Height (mm) 1017 Width (mm) 735
Depth (mm) 603 Leg Height (mm) 150
Waste Height (mm) 440 Power Supply (A) 13A
Waste Outlet Diametre (mm) 24 Air Temperature (°C) +10 - +43
Water Temperature (°C) +3 - +32

£550 +VAT ono

DC Ice Machine, DC7040
| Ref #: c0c212b99494
Convenient, compact and simple-to-use ice machine, ideal for small restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars. Simply manually fill the internal reservoir, select the size of ice and then wait for fantastic bullet shaped ice.

£55 +VAT

Polar Ice Machine x2 (Ref: RHC2592)
| Ref #: e9880ef31663
This auto fill ice machine produces 20kg of ice every 24 hours and 16 bullet shaped cubes every 16 minutes. It has high quality insulation and designed to withstand busy commercial operation making it ideal for front of house ice dispensing in bars, pubs and other similar establishments.

£225 +VAT

Polar Ice Machine (Ref: RHC2516)
| Ref #: f2296201fa8e
Waring IC70K ice crusher.
13 Amp electric.
Produces 13 KG per hour.
16cmW x 25cmD x 48cmH.

£110 +VAT

Waring Ice Crusher (5416)
| Ref #: b3537e4416b0
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