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Achieve outstanding cooking results with this smart chargrill by Zanussi. The compact design of this grill enables you to cook a wide range of items within a small kitchen space. It features two cast iron grill plates and comes complete with a removable drawer making.

£450 +VAT

Char grill for sale
| £450 +VAT
Speed up cooking times within your busy restaurant or café with this top quality microwave by Panasonic. It has easy to use controls and programmable features which will speed up cooking times for products you regularly microwave.

£240 +VAT

microwave for sale
| £240 +VAT
This heavy duty Samsung 1500W Microwave Oven has a great range of useful features, including an easy to use touch pad and manual controls. It is easy to clean, highly reliable and ideal for use in pubs, canteens, hotels and self-service restaurants. It features three stage cooking, five power settings, up to 30 programmable settings with a thirty minuet timer range and a cycle counter which records the number of operations. This top performing microwave will speed up cooking times within the most demanding of food service locations.

£230 +VAT

microwave for sale
| £230 +VAT
This modern and desirable Bratt pan has a stainless steel pan surface. This efficient Bratt pan is ideal for a verity of applications such as frying, stir frying, griddling, browning, poaching, braising and stewing it features an electric tilt. Probably the most versatile appliance in the kitchen!

£3020 +VAT

Hobart bratt pan
| £3020 +VAT
This Amika Dishwasher is perfect for any busy establishment as it has a cycle time of 90 or 150 seconds. It is also easy to use as it comes with a drain pump fitted.We have more of these items in stock. The Amika dishwasher is a three phase machine but can be converted into single phase.

£1535 +VAT

Pass through dishwasher unit
| £1535 +VAT
Achieve outstanding cooking results with this outstanding 10 grid oven by Rational This top performing oven features a core temperature probe with 6 measuring points and automatic error correction if incorrectly inserted and positioning aid for core temperature probe. It also has a built in Climate management feature which measures the humidity which is set and regulated to 1% accuracy.

£4250 +VAT

Used rational 10 grid oven for sale
| £4250 +VAT
Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to increase the amount of chilled storage within your establishment with this spacious prep fridge by Caravell. It features three drawers, two full doors of storage and a smaller door above the compressor unit which maximises the amount of produce you can store. Complete with adjustable shelving within the doors this smart prep fridge is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

£825 +VAT

2 door prep fridge for sale
| £825 +VAT
Limited kitchen space needn’t hamper your ability to provide your customers with outstanding pizzas cooked to perfection with this two tier pizza oven. Each oven can easily cook up to a 16” pizza at any one time. This easy to use pizza oven comes complete with a pizza paddle ensuring you can safely remove your pizzas.

£385 +VAT

Gam Two Tier Pizza Oven
| £385 +VAT
This smart server counter will look outstanding within your establishment. It is perfect for offering your customers a canteen style service. It features a chilled display with glass sneeze guard and two Bain Marie pots for keeping items such as custard at the perfect serving temperature. It comes complete with tray rail.

£875 +VAT

Chilled Servery Counter
| £875 +VAT
This Fri-jado 3 Level Pass-Through Multi deck is ideal for chicken, wraps, snacks & soups etc.
Featuring an efficient combination of conduction heat, airflow and an air curtain which help maintain ideal product temperatures. Complete on swivel castors for ease of movement.

£1295 £1100 +VAT

Fri-jado Heated Display Unit (Ref: RHC1751) - Warrington, Cheshire
| £1295 £1100 +VAT
Ensure you have ample chilled food storage with this smart up right fridge by Tefcold. It features fan assisted cooling and comes complete with three adjustable wire rack shelves which provides you with plenty of chilled storage for your establishment.

£250 +VAT

upright fridge for sale
| £250 +VAT
This plate dispenser with circulating-air heating system has two dispensing tubes, each with a plate-holding mechanism which can be adjusted as required for plates measuring between 190 and 260 mm in diameter. Supplied with two covers for the stacking tubes, plate-heating temperature set by means of infinitely variable thermostatic control. It has four separate power settings circulating-air heating system or energy module this is a compact unit consisting of a motor, fan wheel and heating elements.

£225 £195 +VAT

Secondhand Plate Warmer
| Quantity: 3 | £225 £195 +VAT per unit
This Corsair commercial trolley is complete with a top Bain Marie with a sliding cover and two hot cupboard compartments.
Features a strong and sturdy construction, wide choice of compartment configurations and castors making it light and manoeuvrable.

£475 £450 +VAT

Hot cupboard / serving trolley
| £475 £450 +VAT
Achieve outstandingly clean pots, pans and plates with this Caterwash pass through dishwasher. This Caterwash pass through dishwasher is perfect for medium or large professional kitchens including pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants.
This item was only manufactured in 2017 and is less than 12 months old.
Supplied with one basket.

£1895 +VAT

Pass through dishwasher unit
| £1895 +VAT
This Modern combination convection steam oven can be used for cooking a wide range of foods by using various cooking modes.
It Features a Multipoint Core Temperature Probe. Complete with seven Grids and includes two shelving plates.

£1895 +VAT

Convotherm steam  oven for sale
| £1895 +VAT
This smart upright single door bottle cooler is perfect for displaying a wide range of chilled produce from bottles of wine and beers to cans of pop and cheese, yogurts, deserts, cakes and many other chilled food products. This bottle cooler comes complete with three height adjustable wire rack shelves which provide versatility in the types of products you can showcase. The blue finish of this bottle cooler will attract customers to your products and help to increase sales within your business.

£295 +VAT

Single upright bottle cooler
| £295 +VAT
Perfect for the most demanding of food service locations such as weddings and other similar events, this smart hot holding banquet cart is the ideal way to ensure that your customer’s food is kept at the perfect serving temperature allowing you to serve a large number of customers at once. The heavy duty construction and dense thermal insulation helps to keep food at the ideal temperature. It has been designed to adapt to any type of banquet holding such as covered plates, covered or uncovered plate carriers, trays for banquet service, additional shelves for full-size and half-size gastronome containers.

£1250 +VAT

Heated banquet cart for sale
| £1250 +VAT
This front loading ClassEQ commercial dishwasher features drain and rinse pumps, 3 minute wash cycle and removable rack and wash chamber door to allow for easy cleaning.
Perfect for pubs, bars and restaurants.Comes complete with one basket: (490mm x 490mm).

£725 +VAT

Under counter dishwasher for sale
| £725 +VAT
This smart ITV ice machine is perfect for any establishment as it features an impressive capacity of 37kg of ice, which is great for any bar or restaurant. This item can produce 75kg of ice per hour, so it only needs half an hour to reach capacity; showing that it will be able to meet high demand and that it is a great addition to your establishment.

£695 +VAT

ice machine for sale
| £695 +VAT
This foster 3 door prep fridge is ideal for keeping chilled products fresh and readily available. It comes with two shelves per door which provides you with ample storage for your produce.

£650 +VAT

3 door prep fridge  for sale
| £650 +VAT
This practical Capital double bottle cooler is perfect for the most demanding of bar locations. Finished in black to blend into any smart back bar location. This double bottle cooler comes complete with sliding doors and two adjustable shelves which enable you to display your drinks at the perfect temperature with ease.

£210 +VAT

Bottle cooler for sale
| £210 +VAT
This smart 6 grid combi steam oven is perfect for a wide range of kitchen environments. It features easy-to-use controls and comes fully complete with spray down hose and temperature probe. This smart oven is situated on a sturdy stand with storage space below making it perfect for the most demanding of restaurants.

£1750 £1650 +VAT

OsP610 6 Grid Oven and Stand
| £1750 £1650 +VAT
Williams Stainless steel proving oven designed and engineered to operate efficiently up to a 43°C ambient.
Features self-closing doors minimises temperature gain, reducing energy consumption. Complete with heavy duty swivel castors with brakes for ease of positioning.

£1245 £1150 +VAT

Proving Oven for sale
| £1245 £1150 +VAT
This solid wood table would be perfect situated in any pub, bar or traditional restaurant comes with a shelf which could be used for storing books and magazines.

£30 +VAT

Solid Wood Table with Shelf
| Quantity: 2 | £30 +VAT per unit
This set includes the following: 4x Ratton chairs with leather seats, 2x Ratton armchairs with leather seats and 1x Farmhouse table
The furniture does requires a little TLC

£150 +VAT

| £150 +VAT
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