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Limited space needn’t hamper you’re ability to store all your fresh produce. This smart single door fridge is perfect for your establishment. This superb fridge comes complete with two adjustable shelves.

£410 +VAT

Cornelius Upright Fridge
| Ref #: 9e179b58d2b3
This single mobile heated plate trolley features adjustable temperature controls and situated on casters for easy movement and positioning.
The spring system is variable to accommodate different weights of plates with adjustable guides to enable the warmer to take various sizes. It can accept approximately 70 plates.
Brand: Moffat
Power: Single Phase

£225 +VAT

Moffat Plate Warmer Trolley (Ref: RHC2314)
| Ref #: 2780c8b4bd29
This free standing, single tank fryer features thermostatic control with front mounted control knobs so you have full control over the temperature of your food, it also features a drainage tap to ensure safe working practice.
It is constructed from high quality stainless steel and comes complete with one wire basket.

£195 +VAT

Falcon Single Tank Fryer (Ref: RHC2819)
| Ref #: 91fc3a5430f3
This Falcon stainless steel oven has a bulls-eye solid top which is easy to use and comes with two wire rack shelves.
Variable heat across the hob area enables simmering to rolling boil.

£625 +VAT

Falcon Bulls Eye Oven Range
| Ref #: 46836bb21038
This electric griddle is ideal for frying burgers, chicken, bacon and eggs as well as cooking pancakes and stir frying or even using as a boiling top. It is equipped with a three stainless steel burners and the steel plate holds heat evenly for efficient cooking.

£225 +VAT

Parry Flat Top Griddle (Ref: RHC2812) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: f7f9c00ff82a
Cook faster and save power with the energy efficient Eikon E3 oven by Merrychef! The oven is ideal for crispy, tempting baguettes, croissants, snacks and toasted sandwiches. With its particularly compact design, up to 6 x faster preparation times and its three different cooking levels makes it the ideal solution for power saving yet fast cooking and baking.
It features a quick pre-heat time of just 15 minutes, USB memory stick data transfer of up to 1024 cooking programs and microwave combination mode which reduces cooking times by up to 6 times. The oven comes with a turntable which maximises heat distribution for ultimate cooking & browning results. Also the ventless operation allows you to use this smart oven in any environment with ease.

£795 +VAT

Merrychef Eikon E3 Oven (Ref: RHC2818) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: b7ad665c452d
This quality Velox double contact grill is one of the best high speed contact grills. The speed in which food can be cooked means that a relatively small cooking area can produce larger quantities of cooked foods than the traditional griddle.
With its especially designed heating elements and cast aluminium cooking plates, this contact grill has extremely efficient heat distribution to ensure even and safe cooking of any meats, fish, omelettes and much more. The unit features thermostatic controlled cooking, an electronic timer with visual and audible warnings and can accommodate products up to 9cm thick.

£350 +VAT

Velox Twin Panini Contact Grill
| Ref #: 2f8850da4d6c
Bake Off convection oven for everyday use in commercial kitchen
Perfect for cooking or reheating.
Drop Down Door
60 Minute timer
4 removable cooking racks included

£1250 +VAT

Oven Front
| Ref #: 16fa49c128f1
This smart Foster upright fridge is perfect for any commercial kitchen environment.
It comes complete with four height adjustable shelves which makes this fridge perfect for storing large amounts of chilled produce.
Complete with swivel castors for ease of movement.

£410 +VAT

Commercial Foster Single Fridge
| Ref #: 9f9ad26c45c5
Heavy Duty Gas Powered Chargrill
Cast Iron Burners
3 Independently Controlled High-Performance Burners
Ask today about conversions to LPG!

£1595 +VAT

| Ref #: 61ccf6880be2
This stylish Williams freezer is designed for the toughest kitchen environments this single freezer is sleek, easy to clean and offers outstanding performance.
The freezer comes complete with three shelves and advanced temperature control which ensures easy-to-manage operation in even the most demanding environments.

£450 +VAT

Upright freezer for sale UK
| Ref #: 6af45c6ba730
This under counter bottle cooler is designed for the display and chilling of bottles, this small under counter unit is perfect for any small kitchen. It has a strong stainless steel construction and is ideal for commercial use in pubs, bars and restaurants.
This Cornelius under counter bottle cooler comes with two wire rack enabling you to display your drinks at the perfect temperature with ease.

£165 +VAT

Used bottle cooler
| Ref #: 901ed4096b1e
This Faema 2 group coffee machine features two steam wands and one hot water wand. There are easy-to-use slider controls for the hot water tap and steam wands.
This coffee machine has a strong, robust bodywork with a stainless steel frame and has an electronically controlled boiler water level.

£1195 +VAT

Faema 2 Group Coffee Machine (Ref: RHC2015) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: 9d9a05f16aef
Due to its high output and compact size, this Lincat conveyor toaster is ideal for breakfast buffets. Its conveyor speed and both upper and lower elements are adjustable for precise and versatile control of browning.
The conveyor toaster can produce up to 340 slices of toast per hour and features individually controlled heating elements for one sided toasting of teacakes, burger buns and other products. Comes complete with crumb tray.

£350 +VAT

Lincat Conveyor Toaster (Ref: RHC2229) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: e8e2fa2ab17f
This Falcon chieftain salamander features five shelf runners, one grid support plate with handles & a removable drip tray.

£650 +VAT

Falcon Chieftain Salamander (Ref: RHC2244) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: 3c5939f41d5d
Ensure your customers have perfectly fried chips, onion rings and pre-breaded food with thisBartlett Fryer.
Complete with a single basket and fabricated from stainless steel this fryer is the perfect appliance for any commercial kitchen.

£295 +VAT

Bartlett D10EE Single Tank Fryer.
| Ref #: 657cadbc068d
This compact pass-through hot cupboard offers doors to both sides, providing enhanced workflow efficiencies. Constructed with stainless steel, contents are kept at warm and hygienic temperatures.
It is supplied with two heavy duty shelves, capable of taking the heaviest loads and is ideal for restaurants and canteens.

£295 +VAT

Vulcan Pass-Through Hot Cupboard (Ref: RHC2155) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: 0f18b8217c05
This smart Sanyo microwave will speed up cooking times within your busy restaurant. It features a digital display with up to 20 programmable settings and 10 power settings including variable defrost. This microwave is the perfect addition to your busy establishment.

£225 +VAT

Sanyo microwave
| Ref #: acd98af34931
Limited kitchen space needn’t hamper your ability to provide your customers with high quality foods. This compact oven range offers you a spacious oven complete with two wire rack shelves and four burners with cast iron pan stands. This is a must have oven range within any compact kitchen.

£495 +VAT

4 burner for sale
| Ref #: a8eb48e9e1e7
This smart six burner oven range is perfect for any business where space is limited. The slim design of this oven offers you a full sized oven with two wire rack shelves and six burners with cast iron pan stands. This high quality oven range is perfect for your business.

£650 +VAT

Parry 6 burner oven
| Ref #: b837e1ef4c36
This single piece firebrick base pizza oven by Lincat enables you to provide your customers with perfect pizzas time and time again. The pizza oven features a firebrick base for crisp base cooking and separate heat controls for top and base of the compartment with the addition of fully insulated doors for energy efficiency and safe operation this pizza oven is the perfect way to provide your customers with pizza they’ll love.

£350 +VAT

Single pizza oven
| Ref #: 6dfcf312304f
This Moffat chilled counter is perfect for a wide range of food service locations. The spacious well is ideal for displaying desserts in the most successful of self service restaurants. Your customers will be tempted to try whatever delicious treats you have to offer. It is situated on casters for easy movement within your busy restaurant.

£495 +VAT

Moffat Chilled Display Counter (Ref: RHC2134) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: 880b9b23d054
Stylish and robust under counter fridge, featuring a compact design and a significant amount of storage space. Ideal for utilising spare space and creating efficient workstations.
Comes complete with two shelves, making it perfect for any commercial kitchen.

£225 +VAT

Gram Under Counter Fridge (Ref: RHC2139) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: b06078ecbee9
This smart heated bain marie unit has space for three large gastronomes and comes complete with sneeze guard and tray rail making it ideal for the most demanding of self-service and carvery locations.
Please note: Gastronomes are not included.

£350 +VAT

Heated Bain Marie Unit
| Ref #: ed7a3d8da786
This heated food display is perfect for keeping a wide range of foods at serving temperature.
Complete with thermostatic control and four wire rack holders which are ideal for displaying foods such as pizzas etc.

£350 £250 +VAT

Heated Food Display (Ref: RHC1462) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Ref #: ec030b0ee697
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