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Overall External Cabinet Size: 595mm(W) x 620mm(D) x 810mm(H
Maximum Glass Entry Height: 340mm
Power: 30amp
Warranty: 3 Years Parts Warranty as Standard
Wash Cycle Time: 2 or 4 Minutes
Glasses Per Wash: 20-40 Pint Glasses

£450 ono VAT Free

Glass washer for sale
| £450 ono VAT Free
Used DC SG40 H IS Extra Height Glasswasher. 13 amp electric.
Increased washing height to accommodate specialist glasses such as Peroni, Bulmers, Cobra and Amstel - energy-saving wash pump - double-skinned stainless-steel cabinet and door - low water usage - EasyClean filters - removable anti-block wash and rinse arms - hydro-dynamic basket slides - optional thermostop for guaranteed rinse temperatures - integral detergent and rinse aid dosing units - simple, intuitive controls - supplied with 2 glass baskets

£750 +VAT

Glasswasher for sale
| £750 +VAT
Used DC 4525A Ice Maker. 13 amp electric.
Water is sprayed into ice moulds at subzero temperatures using modern spray technology, creating multiple dense layers of crystalline ice, on demand. This creates solid cubes of crystalline ice that cool quickly and melt slowly. The machine cabinet is built using catering grade stainless steel for strength and hygiene, whilst it’s insulated storage bin is constructed using non-toxic antibacterial plastic insuring both insulation and hygiene.

£550 +VAT

Ice maker for sale
| £550 +VAT
New B Grade DC SD45 A D Dishwasher. 13 amp electric.
The DC SD45 IS D dishwasher with a drain pump and integral softener provides high performance washing at an affordable price. Servicing kitchens across the country the SD45 IS D can wash 14 plates in just 3 minutes, making it the ideal partner for any medium sized establishment where space is of a premium. Optional fitted drain pump. Can be connected to a hot water supply as long as the temperature does not exceed 60°c and there is adequate water pressure of 2-4 bar (28-56 psi).

£1150 +VAT

Dishwasher for sale
| £1150 +VAT
HFA Removals
New B Grade DC SD40D Front Loading Glasswasher. 13 amp electric. Drain pump.
Heavy-duty wash pump
Double-skinned stainless-steel cabinet and door
Removable anti-block wash and rinse arms

£860 +VAT

Glass washer for sale
| £860 +VAT
Closing down sale - no reasonable offer refused!
These iconic art glasses are available at a small fraction of their retail price. - see links in main listing click here
Red Wine glasses 30Cl Black Stem x 200, Blue Stem x 200, Pink Stem x 200 , White Frost Stem x 60
Martini glasses 30Cl Red Stem - x 45
Flutes - 20cl White Frost stem x 60, Shot Glasses - 5cl Black Stem x 200

£0.99 +VAT

Prescott stem ware with blue base
| Quantity: 905 | £0.99 +VAT per unit

Draft Beer Tower D-ARC-Y - 10x Faucets - Bradford

Price: £1200 £1100 ono VAT Free
New beer taps for sale
Beer crane in full working order and tested. If there is any special request, please email.
All existing things at myself as I do, for the price is so low.
10 x tap (chrome) - new
Faucet - new
All connected is new. As seen in photos.
Interval diameter - 125mm

£1200 £1100 ono VAT Free

New beer taps for sale
| £1200 £1100 ono VAT Free
DC Economy Range EG40 Glasswasher
Whilst producing excellent results time after time our entry level glasswashers are focused on budget .
Fitted with cost- and energy-saving features such as our new energy-saving wash pump, the Economy range combines high performance with low running costs giving incredible value for money.
Some of the other energy and money saving features are double skinned door which reduces noise and heat emissions, reduced water consumption by using the right amount needed for best hygiene standards, and improved rinse arms which increase the initial response by 30% and rotation speed by 20%

£640 +VAT

Front loading under counter glass washer
| £640 +VAT
Used Jemi GS-16 Front Loader Glass Washer.
Single phase electric.
Drain Pump.
500mm Basket. 58cmW x 65cmD x 79cmH
Used - May have cosmetic damage. All Gas & Electrical appliances are fully tested.
3 Months Parts & Labour Warranty

£425 +VAT

Used Jemi GS-16 Front Loader Glass Washer
| £425 +VAT
Fully serviced, in good clean condition
Fully Stainless Steel

£270 VAT Free

Stainless Steel Double Door Bar Fridges
| £270 VAT Free
Fully serviced, in good clean condition
Been re-gassed

£250 VAT Free

Rhino Double Door Bar Fridge
| Quantity: 2 | £250 VAT Free per unit
They have been fully serviced and cleaned and are almost new condition.
They may have slight scratches or minor dents but nothing that can be seen or the affects there performance.

£450 VAT Free

Bottle cooler for sale
| Quantity: 4 | £450 VAT Free per unit
Fully serviced, in good clean condition
Been re-gassed, new compressor fitted.

£250 VAT Free

Used double door fridges
| Quantity: 4 | £250 VAT Free per unit
Ex Demo Polar T315 Table Top Ice Maker. 13 amp electric.
Easily produce refreshing bullet ice anywhere with the stylish and reliable Polar countertop ice machine. Incredibly easy to use, simply manually fill the internal water reservoir, select the size of ice required, then ice is produced every 6-12 minutes - depending on the ice size. As there's no mains water or drain connection required, the Polar countertop ice maker is portable, meaning its perfect for mobile catering or as a backup ice machine in small restaurants, cafés or pubs. A great quality compact countertop ice maker, it's easy to use, clean and maintain.

£80 +VAT

Ex Demo Polar T315 Table Top Ice Maker | Machine Bar Cube Drinks Counter Cocktail (6141)
| £80 +VAT
A job lot of plastic martini, flute and wine glasses.
Bought for an event but not used.
Most boxes are unopened. Some are opened but glasses are all still in their film/wrapping.

£500 +VAT

Glassware job lot for sale
| £500 +VAT
Practically brand new Polar Ice Machine. Produces great ice. Selling simply because we need more space in the restaurant. Comes with pipes and ice scoop. Great bargain price this model sells for £350

£250 +VAT

Polar Ice machine for sale
| £250 +VAT
Lindr Kontakt 155/l beer/cider/lager dispenser and cooler with beer lines and couplers/keg connectors. Great for events, weddings and parties. In perfect working condition and clean. Aesthetically there are some scuffs and scratches but nothing major.

£650 +VAT

Beer tap dispenser
| Quantity: 3 | £650 +VAT per unit
Hoshizaki dim-30de ice cube dispensers
Dispenses cubed ice only
Brand new no box
Ex exhibition stock

£2055 +VAT

Ice cube dispenser for sale UK
| £2055 +VAT
Hoshizaki Dmc-60ke
Ice and water machine dispenser
Cubelet ice

£1720 +VAT

Ice and water machine for sale
| £1720 +VAT
Gram - 125Ltr Undercounter Fridge 1 Glass Door External White
Model: KG210-LG
Grade A
Finish - external White

£553 +VAT

Under counter fridge
| £553 +VAT

Hoshizaki Ice Crusher - London

Price: £552 +VAT
Ice crusher for sale
Hoshizaki Ice Crusher
Model: N53
Grade A
Electrical Supply 220-240V

£552 +VAT

Ice crusher for sale
| £552 +VAT

Hoshizaki Ice Crusher - London

Price: £1037 +VAT
Ice crusher for sale
Hoshizaki Ice Crusher
Model: C105
Grade B

£1037 +VAT

Ice crusher for sale
| £1037 +VAT

Maid Aid M50-25 Ice Machine - Leeds

Price: £900 ono VAT Free
Ice Made Ice maker
Bought less than 2 years ago. Looked after. Cleaned daily.
Production (24 hours) 48kg - Bin Capacity 25kg- Cube size 18g
Weight nett / gross kg 56 / 64kg
Drain height including feet 261mm
Water consumption (air cooled) 4.0 ltres/kg
240V, Single phase, 13 amp - Require water supply pressure between 1 and 6 bar

£900 ono VAT Free

Ice Made Ice maker
| £900 ono VAT Free
This front loading ClassEQ commercial dishwasher features drain and rinse pumps, 3 minute wash cycle and removable rack and wash chamber door to allow for easy cleaning.
Perfect for pubs, bars and restaurants.Comes complete with one basket: (490mm x 490mm).

£725 +VAT

Under counter dishwasher for sale
| £725 +VAT
This smart ITV ice machine is perfect for any establishment as it features an impressive capacity of 37kg of ice, which is great for any bar or restaurant. This item can produce 75kg of ice per hour, so it only needs half an hour to reach capacity; showing that it will be able to meet high demand and that it is a great addition to your establishment.

£695 +VAT

ice machine for sale
| £695 +VAT
Showing 1 - 25 of 435 items