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Mobile bar fridge flight case, perfect for helping to transport your fridge to events. Stops your fridge from getting damaged or scratched during transit.
Flight case is on wheels to aid mobility, and comes with handles to help lift it on and off your van. Also you can use a ramp to push the fridge flight case on to your van.
You don’t have to remove the fridge from the flight case to use it as the back and front panels are removable allowing you to use it as a back bar. Lids are fully lined with foam.

£700 VAT Free

Events Bar Flight Case with Bottle Cooler/Bar Fridge and Optic Unit
| Ref #: 322738c47423
Barrel bar, made with scaffold board top two metres long. Foot bar completes this great looking fully functional bar. Simple to assemble and break down for transport.
Different sizes and configurations can be arranged, please contact us with any enquiries you may have.

£1800 +VAT

Barrel bar unit for sale
| Ref #: 588e057361ce

Mobile Bar - Sudbury, Suffolk

Price: £1000 £800 VAT Free
Mobile Bar
Top of the range mobile bar. Excellent condition. Stainless steel. Downlighter lights front of bar. Adjustable rear shelf.
This bar is not on castors and requires 2 people to move around.
These are very expensive and look stunning.

£1000 £800 VAT Free

Mobile Bar
| Ref #: de9eb9df3a28
Counter consisting of stainless steel table with hand-crafted surround in Japanese style in solid American white oak, with raised front shelf. Separate unit consists of sink unit also with matching surround to front and left.

£950 ono VAT Free

Used bar unit for sale
| Ref #: 23748b648e12
HFA Removals
A 4m Diameter LED light up bar for sale. The bar comes in 8 x 1.5m curved sections which when added together make up a circular bar. Potentially you could turn this into 7 separate bars if your clients only wish to hire 1 x 1.5m bar sections. Each panel can be controlled separately or linked together on a master to slave mode. The bar comes with remote controllers for ease of changing the colour of the bar.
The bar comes with 2 shelves per section which are removeable for storage or for adding fridges. 3 flight cases are included in the sale.
The bar is in good working order and is only for sale due to having too much stock – We need the space.

£6000 +VAT

Stunning Circular 4m LED Bar
| Ref #: 34bda470c0db
Heavy duty stainless steel customized LED bars with sinks/ice wells, shelving and speed rails, can be purchased as one large hexagon shaped bar or individual sections (Please note total cost of units new £16000 plus vat)

£4000 +VAT

Mobile led barunits for sale
| Ref #: 44b154069fab

Bars and Bar Backs - Worcester

Price: £100 VAT Free
Bars and bar backs
Bars and bar backs
Constructed of timber and MDF and painted black.
Back bar top is an illuminated section enabled with fluorescent lights through a plastic translucent cover. The effect is great.
200cm long x 107cm high x32 cm deep
The bar base is either a front or rear bar with a shelf 245cm long x 140cm high x 32cm deep.
Needs painting.

£100 VAT Free

Bars and bar backs
| Ref #: ba43b338c3d4

Circular Mirrored Bar - Lancashire

Price: £4300 ono including VAT
Bar unit for sale
Stainless steel mirrored mobile bar with shelves speed rails and fridge apertures. This isn't collapsible but a solid construction. In sections and ready to earn money.
4 meters diameter and each section is on braked wheels. Easy to clip together.
We made this just 18 months ago and it's unique.
4.3k but open to sensible offers. Cost us £10.000 to build.

£4300 ono including VAT

Bar unit for sale
| Ref #: c06277fa07da

Mobile Bar Business - Slinfold

Price: £45000 ono including VAT
Mobile bar unit business for sale
Top of the range German built trailer bar, fully self contained and includes, coolers, fridges, walk in cold room, sound system etc. It takes about 10 minutes to set up and is very flexible in its use and is capable of high volume.
A round pavilion bar, again very flexible and transports in its own stillage and set up in 30 minutes
5 metre long rustic bar counter in two sections plus a back bar and real ale stillage
Pagoda 5 metre x 5 metre marquee
Nissan Pathfinder 2007
Domain name

£45000 ono including VAT

Mobile bar unit business for sale
| Ref #: d1708860bbc2

40ft Shipping Container Bar - South Yorkshire

Price: £15000 ono including VAT
40ft Shipping Container Bar
40ft Shipping Container Bar
Fully transportable, set up in minutes. Great bit of kit that generates cash.

£15000 ono including VAT

40ft Shipping Container Bar
| Ref #: a4d9ff786c2d

Mobile Bar Company - East Sussex

Price: £23000 £18000 VAT Free
Mobile Bar Company
TK Mobile Bar Company is a family run business that was running alongside our marquee company, This season we have been extremely busy especially since the launch of our horse box bar conversion.
We have recently undertaken a complete update of our website which is compatible with all devices and is easily changeable and is quickly progressing.
This Summer we have started working with the local councils (Seafood, Lewes and Peacehaven) working Fayre, festivals and other events. There are more bookings planned and in discussion.
We are looking for someone to take pride in this business and push it to the success and full potential we know it can achieve.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£23000 £18000 VAT Free

Mobile Bar Company
| Ref #: 44e024c608f6
A beautiful hand-built solid wood bespoke coffee bar with espresso machine, grinder and all barista equipment that is ready to go. This bar has been used for about 9-10 months, is in very good condition and is essentially a ready-made business. All you need is a location to trade from and you’re ready to go!
Click here for more info and contact details......

£4190 +VAT

Fully Equipped Coffee Bar (Solid Wood)
| Ref #: 2208d74f2b3c

LED 'BAR' Letters - Lancashire

Price: £0 +VAT ono
LED BAR Letters in Flight Case
We have 3 LED letters spelling 'B A R' which can be controlled with any dmx controller, comes complete with power supply, connecting leads and custom built flight case, these letters are 700mm high, approx 740mm x 200mm deep, they can be free standing or have captive nuts on the top and rear for mounting on trussing with clamps etc. cost new over £1600.00 + vat and only used twice - open to sensible offers
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LED BAR Letters in Flight Case
| Ref #: 35adfaea143d

£150 including VAT

Mobile Bar Units
| Ref #: a14131096a5d

Sold LED Mobile Bar - Heywood, Lancashire

Price: £600 +VAT
LED Mobile Bar
Stunning catering grade stainless steel led cocktail bar for sale.
10 ml kick resistant Perspex frosted fronts. Each section measures 4 ft.
One section measures 6 ft. The bar comes with corners and has separate RCD for safety. Stunning piece of kit.
£600 per 4 ft section. £650 for 6 ft section.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£600 +VAT

LED Mobile Bar
| Ref #: 91d269b6c438

Sold White Bar Counter - Stonehouse, Gloucestershire

Price: £290 £100 +VAT ono
White Bar Counter
New High Gloss white reception/bar counter for sale.
Length - 120cm
Height - 110cm
Depth - 70cm
Top Shelf Depth - 35cm
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£290 £100 +VAT ono

White Bar Counter
| Ref #: c67a586e0c29
Everything needed for a complete beer festival.
Six specially made stillages with cooling equipment and automatic raising springs for the kegs.
Each one holds 15
Eight fully equipped bar sections with hand pumps to sit in front of the stillages.
Two additional bars for the serving of other drinks etc.

£10500 +VAT

Beer festival bar equipment
| Ref #: 62d0c603f320
We have for sale our lovely mobile bar, its very well built and packs away into a short wheelbase van.
As you can see it’s a great piece for weddings, it also has a back bar which fits a double door fridge underneath it.
This is no cheap wobble bar! This is the real deal!
The bar has all the piping to run draught beer through it.
Very easy to set up and can be set up by 1 person if needed!
We also have 1 booking in August for a wedding in Cornwall, which is done right could earn you £2-3K for the wedding bar.
As we don’t have time for run this part of the business any future enquires we will pass onto the new owner of the bar to run!
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£3500 ono VAT Free

Mobile Bar Business
| Ref #: 2b0d40a51c65

Sold Bezzera C2013 And Mobile Bar Unit - Peterborough

Price: £1500 including VAT
Mobile Bar Unit Front
Bezzera C2013. 2 group coffee machine. Fully serviced. Plumbed in to portable bar unit. Unit is fully fitted with overhead lighting, fridge unit and a sink. All electrics are fitted and tested. £1,500 for all, £900 for machine £600 for bar unit
Click here for more info and contact details......

£1500 including VAT

Mobile Bar Unit Front
| Ref #: a1b52326383c
Brand New made in our own workshop
1.9m Long, 1.02m High, 0.63m wide
Can be used as a single unit or attached to others
Shelf at the back, high enough to accommodate a barrel underneath
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£160 +VAT

Portable bar units for sale
| Ref #: ffca94493933
A very reluctant sale due to owners change in circumstances.
All equipment is in excellent condition.
A quick sale is required so all sensible offers will be considered.
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£12000 ono VAT Free

Mobile Bar Business
| Ref #: 92ac55ea0fcd
Beautifully polished cherry and walnut laminate wood mobile bar with curved edges reminiscent of the Art Deco style. A bespoke commission which has only been used twice and is in virtually new condition. The central front portion has generous spacing underneath for bottle skips, beer sinks, waste bins or additional stock. Each side has a shelved cabinet which is suitable for cartons of fruit juice and bottles of mixers. The back bar is matched in quality and colour for a seamless appearance with dedicated space for two under counter bottle fridges separated by a smaller shelved cabinet. The back bar also comes with bottle shelves for spirits or decorations. Modular construction, very easy to build and dismantle and can be transported in a LWB van. We are situate in Sussex and welcome any viewings.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£6000 ono VAT Free

Large Cherry & Walnut Mobile Bar
| Ref #: b26c4b3ae12e
We have for sale up to 6 brand new LED Bar Counter Sections.... these are brand new and available for purchase - they come boxed.
I am offering a 10% discount if you take all six inc. Free delivery.
Waterproof and battery powered. It can glow on battery power for approx 9 hours, and be set to fade/flash or on a fixed colour. We also stock them as a hire item. Sold with a new remote & charger each.
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£495 +VAT

Circular LED Bar Counter Sections (Lumaform)
| Ref #: 45c71d231323
Mobile on wheels
Closed top & open top to server
Storage below
Very deep stainless steel well
Waste pipe to drain of in to plastic tank below
Very good condition
Please note 1 hinge has broken but still can be used
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£150 +VAT

Drinks Well Mobile Bar
| Ref #: eb3d6a8647c7

Metal Clad Bar Unit - Wiltshire

Price: £400 £324 +VAT
Metal clad mobile bar unit
Metal clad bar with metal edging and studs. Hazard signs and tape are removable
Height: 1.10m, Width: 1.84m, Depth: 0.64m
Material: aluminium cladding around a wooden frame
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£400 £324 +VAT

Metal clad mobile bar unit
| Ref #: 18b63e9193b7
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