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Job Lot 39x Chairs - Hayes, Middlesex

Price: £350 ono VAT Free
chairs for sale
27 wooden chairs with upholstered seats in green, 4 designs.
12 tub chairs, 2 designs.
They are all used, in fair condition.

£350 ono VAT Free

chairs for sale
| Ref #: 7b5e8433b0d2
Please note they are for Internal use only
Slight scratching frame damage
  • Side Chair - £29.90 each + VAT
  • Low Stool - £24.90 each + VAT
  • High Stool - £29.90 each + VAT

£24.90 +VAT

Industrial Style Seating
| Ref #: 7ef119fdf6e3
Resin Plastic Folding Lawn Chair
Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Weddings
Strictly Tables and Chairs

£13.95 +VAT

Plastic folding chairs
| Ref #: 1c81e4aa7f02
30 dark grey bentwood design cafe/restaurant chairs
with attractive leather effect/snakeskin seat pad,
in good used condition

£23 +VAT

Bentwood cafe chairs
| Ref #: 7c0cbc2d9ed1
HFA Removals
All structurally sound.
The seats are laminated ply and these gave been secured to the chair frames using zinc screws.
There maybe some lighter coloured chairs mixed in to mix.

£19 +VAT

Cow horn chairs
| Ref #: 13dccbfee3ff
These tables and benches are made from recycled timber and have an authentic rustic appearance.
They are specifically designed to utilise a minimum of storage space. The trestles are fold-able and are separate to the table top. The legs of the benches can be folded for easy storage.
Variations to these sizes can be ordered.
All furniture is made to order and as such there is no limit to order amount.
Large orders may be subject to discount (contact for details).
Table & 2 Trestles £220 Bench £110

£110 ono including VAT

Plank top trestle tables
| Ref #: 6834a9743061
These smart dining chairs feature a wooden ratton style back and are finished in black faux leather.
Please note: Price is per unit, to be sold a job lot only

£25 +VAT

Dining chairs for sale
| Ref #: dd4a57f9d1c6
Pair of high booth seats which are New. The upholstery is deep buttoned Red real aniline leather with a 3 row deep buttoned back to each of the 4 benches
The 4 benches could also be placed in a line giving a total wall length of 4.52m

£750 +VAT

High booth seating for sale
| Ref #: 1b6b4cd55aaa

40x Chairs Wooden - London

Price: £18 +VAT
White wooden chairs for sale
40x chairs wooden
Ex Wagamama Chairs
Several marks
Good stacking chair

£18 +VAT

White wooden chairs for sale
| Ref #: 087c14dde088
Give your restaurant a modern sleek modern look with these brown faux leather dining chairs.

£15 +VAT

Secondhand faux leather dining chairs
| Ref #: 001712589a2e
These brown faux leather tub chairs are the perfect addition to your coffee shop or café. They provide a comfortable way for your customers to enjoy their beverages.

£35 +VAT

Brown tub chairs for sale
| Ref #: 32587cfb101f

80x Chairs - London

Price: £21.95 +VAT
Woeden chairs
80x Chairs
Solid Chair good condition
Few marks on the sides

£21.95 +VAT

Woeden chairs
| Ref #: b5ec3054f1db

Sold 11x Chairs - London

Price: £21.50 +VAT
Wooden chairs for sale
Wooden and leather chairs
Good condition
There are few marks on them
One or two have little mark cracks on the middle of the back
But otherwise good

£21.50 +VAT

Wooden chairs for sale
| Ref #: 9ec712707e0b
5 No. 2nd hand tub / armchairs supplied structurally sound with no rips or tears to the upholstery - they could benefit from a clean but equally are ready to use.
They measure:
Back height 78cm, seat height 47cm, width 60cm and depth 58cm

£25 +VAT

Red fabric tub chairs
| Ref #: a75776e7811d

3m Church Pew / Settle - Lancaster, Lancashire

Price: £120 ono including VAT
3m Church Pew
3m long old church pew.
3m length, 1.2m height, 5m width Old church pew.
Currently used in a pub taken a few knocks but a great feature in any pub.

£120 ono including VAT

3m Church Pew
| Ref #: 32b1da290406
7 x Bucket Chairs ( CODE DC 773)
PLEASE QUOTE CODE NUMBER when replying NOT the REF number

£100 +VAT

Used bucket chairs for sale
| Ref #: 146b17bcfdd0
33 x Charleston Grey Wooden Chairs ( CODE DC 772)
PLEASE QUOTE CODE NUMBER when replying NOT the REF number

£10 +VAT

Used Grey charleston chair for sale
| Ref #: 4a7f8df09cd6
27x Palma Grey wooden chairs ( CODE DC 771)
PLEASE QUOTE CODE NUMBER when replying NOT the REF number

£10 +VAT

Used Grey chairs for sale
| Ref #: e5b76ef8e09d
98 "Dulux White" Shabby Chic Chairs sturdy but shoe signs of ware

£10 +VAT

Dulux White chairs for sale
| Ref #: a0d358b28d60
96 x Chairs (CODE DC 548A)
PLEASE QUOTE CODE NUMBER when replying NOT the REF number

£9 +VAT

Used chairs for sale
| Ref #: 6a8da37ab9e6
A stylish retro easy chair (circa 1960's) with a tubular metal frame and upholstered in tan faux leather with soft plastic dark brown armrests. The frame has been painted to give a very distinctive oxidised copper patina effect. A heavy and sturdy chair which is very comfortable to sit in. The tan faux leather is in very good used condition with hardly any signs of wear.

£150 ono VAT Free

Retro Tan Leather chair
| Ref #: 2dfae6d43a5e

Plumptious Armchair - Sussex

Price: £145 +VAT
Used armchair for sale
Oh just look at it , you know you’ll just be enveloped by it’s pure plumptiousness . if it was a figure we’d be calling it Rubenesque . The velvety fabric has a slight Aubergine sheen to it with a gold stripe contrasting. Nicely turned front legs on antique castors . It’s just screaming out to be beside a winter fire a book in hand.

£145 +VAT

Used armchair for sale
| Ref #: df1ffea601ac
Comfortable dining, bar, hotel armchair for sale in excellent condition
12 available

£60 £55 +VAT

Hotel arm chairs for sale
| Ref #: 1c0a6072fbf5

Bench Seating - Kent

Price: £400 +VAT
Bench seating
Bench seating in 3 parts
130 x 147cm
127 x 147cm 122 x147cm

£400 +VAT

Bench seating
| Ref #: f51e17d17bd9

19x Oak Framed Chairs - Derby

Price: £25 £20 +VAT
Oak Framed Chairs
Oak framed chairs with a Tan flat weave upholstered seat.
The chair frames are structurally sound and the upholstery has no rips or tears

£25 £20 +VAT

Oak Framed Chairs
| Ref #: 4573bb2cddd2
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