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This machine is in excellent working condition and has been through our workshop where it has been stripped down, serviced and thoroughly cleaned by a qualified engineer before a lengthy test procedure to ensure the machine is working correctly. Any faulty parts have been replaced.
Produces 243Kg of ice per 24 hours
Storage bin holds 140kg

£1995 £1495 +VAT

Used condition, retails for 2K!,
Ownership for 3 years, serviced 2.

£1199 £650 VAT Free ono

Ice Machine

Good working order

£250 £225 inc. VAT

£2250 £2000 +VAT ono

High output hosizaki ice cube maker and follet dump bin with fosters filter in perfect working order

£2500 VAT Free

Able to easily produce up to 130kg of cubed ice every 24 hours, this Foster Ice machine is the ideal commercial ice maker for pubs, bars and other high demand sites. Ice is produced at very low temperatures, meaning longer lasting, better quality ice. This ice machine also has a large storage bin that can accommodate up to 100kg of ice.

£1250 +VAT

New Brema MF90/20 ice flaker, Capacity 90kg per 24 hours, Capacity 20kg bin of granular ice, Extra cold ice produced at -25°C, Ambient temperature range 10C to 43°C, Drain height including feet 261mmAir cooled, water consumption 1 litres per kg, Easy clean ice storage in tough ABS
Extra cold ice produced at -25°C, Supply water temperature between 3°C and 32°C
Easy clean ice storage in tough ABS, Require water supply pressure between 1 and 6 bar
Refrigerant R404A Weight 59kg Electric 13A, 550W, 240V, UK

£1750 +VAT

This ice maker is in very good condition, cleaned and tested, The IM 45CLE makes 44kg of ice in 24 Hours, has an18kg Storage Bin Capacity, Slow-Melting Cubes Made at -25°C, Washable Condenser Air Filter, Unique closed cell water circuit for ultimate contamination protection stainless steel, single phase,

£750 +VAT

We have for sale a, Hoshizaki IM-45CNE-HC ice machine which is great for busy bars and restaurants and a great addition to your business
The Hoshizaki IM-45CNE-HC consistently delivers perfect, crystal-clear ice cubes
This ice Machine is capable of producing up to 46kg of ice per 24 hours

£795 +VAT

10 Months old from new, used in very quiet restaurant and well looked after. £2600+ new
Even has protective plastic on all side apart from front. Includes free drainage pump with £210
Unique ice making system that has an automatic rinse cycle.
After every new batch of ice, the water reservoir drains and refills with fresh water.

£1250 +VAT ono

Size (W x D x H) 386 x 600 x 695 mm
Internal capacity 12kg
Mains plug in.

£200 +VAT

Produce up to 50kg of perfectly soft, bullet-shaped ice every day with the Polar G-Series undercounter ice machine.
Operation and access couldn’t be easier with the G-Series, as ice is dispensed into the large 10kg capacity bin ready for immediate use.
Alternatively, the door can be closed to safely store and protect the ice until its required – perfect in preparation for spikes in demand.

£550 +VAT

The Hoshizaki FM-80KE-HCN is a self contained nugget ice maker producing up to 75 kg of high-quality nugget ice per 24 hours.
The closed water circuit provides maximum protection against any type of contamination during ice production ensuring hygiene standards are maintained.
Featuring a stainless steel construction for durability and a control display. Its compact design makes it ideal for those limited on space.

£1200 +VAT

Scotsman AF103 ice flaker machine in excellent condition and order throughout. These units have a 120kg production capacity (24hrs) with a 30kg+ storage bin. Controlled by an Intelligent PCB with self diagnostics.
Fully tested and operated to full bin (refer images), a great opportunity to acquire an AF103 at a fraction of the cost of new. All work, testing and preparation carried out by an Fgas registered qualified refrigeration engineer.
Can be used for a variety of applications from temperature sensitive foods such as wet fish and salads and for storage 'in transit' and great for cocktails (bars, restaurants, clubs). Excellent cooling properties while maintaining humidity. Also used extensively for medical applications, physiotherapy, laboratory, etc, as it moulds easily to any contour.

£1175 +VAT

500kg bin Hoshizaki FM251AFE flakes ice maker in very good condition

£1750 VAT Free

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