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2 cushions in excellent condition. Beautiful feature either for sofa or double bed. Fabric of highest quality. Fully lined inside. Zips in perfect working order. Soft to the touch.

£100 £75 inc. VAT ono each

Bed cushions for sale
| Quantity: 2

£180 +VAT ono each

Christmas Garland
| Quantity: 35
5x 1m x 2m Mirrors

Used in my restaurant, Ideal for making your space look much larger.

£210 VAT Free each

Large 1m x 2m Wall mirror
| Quantity: 5
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£49.99 VAT Free ono each

Large Vintage Mirror
| Quantity: 2

£10 VAT Free each

French Drink Signs
| Quantity: 3
Velour fawn over-sized cushions. No zip and solid man-made-fibre filling. Luxurious size.

£6 each

Large Velour Fawn Sofa Cushions
| Quantity: 3
In stock we have a huge variety of artwork in different frames. Mixture of images from contemporary to classic, textures, sizes and materials.

From £5 each

assortment of frames and prints
| Quantity: 15
HFA Removals

£35 inc. VAT each

Medium and large mirrors for sale
| Quantity: 3

£85 VAT Free ono each

Oak barrels for sale
| Quantity: 2

£60 +VAT ono

Vintage round hotel clock
| Quantity: 3

£20 +VAT ono each

Two gold colour framed mirrors 3'2" x 2'2"
| Quantity: 2

£20 +VAT ono each

2 pictures
| Quantity: 2
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