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This display fridge is in full working order, in new condition, it has been fully serviced and tested, curved glass front, stainless steel exterior/interior, three shelves fully lit, electronic controller, Temperature range +2c to +4c, single phase power,

£950 +VAT

Fridge for sale
This steamer has been fully tested by our qualified engineers, and is in perfect running order, and in very good condition large oven capacity with six shelf positions, built in self filling water tank stainless steel interior and exterior.

£600 +VAT

Steamer for sale
This water boiler is in excellent condition, in full working order and has been fully tested by our engineers. Unique built-in filtration ensures premium water quality & reduced scale build up Filter life - approx 4000 Litres Reduced lime scale means higher energy efficiency & lower running costs Low cost, easy-fit replacement filter cartridges Lower maintenance & energy costs

£220 +VAT

Water boiler
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This Chargrill has been fully serviced and tested by our qualified engineers. It’s in very good condition. Blue Seal G594 gas 600mm wide chargrill with powerful stainless steel burners with flame failure device, the Inclined position incorporates flare reducing grate fin design with grooves to run grease into front collection channel. The G594 is a freestanding heavy duty Chargrill, 18.6Kw, Runs on natural gas.

£950 +VAT

Used blue seal char grill
This Gram fridge is in full working order, in almost new condition, heavy duty, Stainless steel exterior, the controls are concealed behind the top panel, protected against splashing water. Design principle of "no broken surfaces" makes the cabinets easy to clean. The distinctive aluminium profiles stretching from top to bottom on both sides of the cabinet impart strength and enhance appearance. The modular rails can go directly in the dishwasher. Pedal opener with finesse Temperature range +2 / +12°C Volume, gross 610 ltr. Net usable volume 462 ltr.

£650 +VAT

Used Gram Superior Plus  K72 C Upright Fridge
This Fish Fridge or Fish Keeper is in full working order tested and cleaned by our engineers, holds up to 15 stone of fish and is made of stainless steel for ease of cleaning. Perfect for fish and chip shops. Each drawer of the fish keeper has a drain plate which stops the fish standing in its own liquor - this does not drain into the cabinet but must be washed out when the drawer is emptied. The fish cabinets have a drain to the front for defrosting and cleaning only. All cabinets are manual defrost, approximately once a week depending on usage. Temperature -1C to +2C for normal fresh fish, keeps lower or higher temperature with adjustment of mechanical thermostat. A dial thermostat is fitted as standard to all fish keepers Full set of stainless steel drawers included.

£850 +VAT

XL FR-LS 6 Drawer Fish Fridge
This machine has been tested and is in full working order, Soft Serve Freezer
Single Flavor, Pump, Heat Treatment, Features Heat Treatment Systems, Provides a daily heating and cooling cycle to safely maintain dairy products up to two weeks before a complete disassembly and cleaning is required.
Freezing Cylinder One, 3.4 quart (3.2 liter) Mix Hopper One, 20 quart (18.9 liter). Refrigerated to maintain mix below 41ºF (5ºC) in Auto and Standby modes. Simplified air/mix pump delivers the precise amount of air and mix to the freezing cylinder, and reduces operator parts. Indicator Lights Mix Low light alerts the operator to add mix.

£3250 +VAT

ice cream maker
This blast chiller freezer has been fully cleaned and tested by our engineers and is in full running order. This is a quality machine from a quality manufacturer. Ideal for small and low volume kitchens where blast chilling is needed to supplement the preparation process Automatic Defrost & Smart Defrost functions ensure maximum performance and minimum energy usage Blast Chill capacity of 36Kg from +70ºC to +3ºC in less than 90 minutes. Freezing capacity = 36kg. 10 shelve positions Stainless steel interior and exterior Lockable swivel castors Single phase power supply

£2650 +VAT

blast chiller
This blast chiller freezer is in full working order, in excellent condition 11kg chilling capacity, Stainless steel interior/exterior, full solid door, hold facility, temperature probe, 60mm castors, single phase 13 amp.
Blast Chill capacity of 11Kg from +70ºC to +3ºC in less than 90 minutes. Intuitive easy touch control panel - Just press and go with easy to use colour coding to indicate cycle status. Dimensions Height 89cm x Width 70cm x Depth 80cm

£1300 +VAT

blast chiller
We have a complete set of furniture from a restaurant, consisting of
13x Square Tables 70cm x 70cm
2x Round Tables 90cm Diameter
28x Chairs
7x Stools
They are in good condition. Will suit café restaurant or coffee shop etc.

£1500 +VAT each

Restaurant tables and chairs for sale
| Quantity: 50
This Pasta Boiler has been cleaned serviced and fully tested by our qualified engineers. Stainless Steel construction, 2 x 16 litre water capacity, Supplied with three pasta baskets per tank, Thermostatically controlled, Spark ignition, 122,000 BTU/h

£750 +VAT

Pasta boiler for sale
Cleaned and fully tested by our qualified engineers. In excellent condition, in full working order. Accepts 10 x 1/1 Gastronorm containers, Rational SelfCooking Center® you can bake, roast, steam, blanch, poach and much more, all in a single unit. Cooks up to 15 % faster than conventional Combi-Steamers, saving you both time and money. Replaces or relegates to minimal floor space 40-50 % saving on conventional cooking appliances such as hot air ovens, stoves, boiling pans, steamers and deep-fryers. Capacity - 80-150 meals

£2800 +VAT

10 grid oven for sale
The Lincat Silverlink 600 gas boiling top HT3 is a countertop unit comprising of two gas boiling rings, each with robust vitreous enamelled cast iron pan supports. The fully pressed and sealed stainless steel hob allows the unit to be cleaned easily, whilst its low level flue maximises the working area and enables you to use large stock pots. The powerful gas hob burners are also fitted with a flame failure device for added safety.

£225 +VAT

Hobs for sale
Solid 12mm thick machined steel plate ensures even heat distribution & excellent heat retention. Fully-welded plates eliminate dirt traps. High and Low heat settings for controlled cooking Piezo ignition and flame failure device for convenient and asfe operation

£550 +VAT

Griddle for sale
This fryer has been fully serviced and tested by our qualified engineers. In good condition. 450mm high performance single pan pasta cooker, 40 litre water capacity

£650 +VAT

Pasta cooker
This fryer has been fully serviced and tested by our qualified engineers. In very good condition. The GT46 is freestanding heavy duty gas fryer with 2 New baskets, Runs on natural gas. Heavy-duty 304 grade stainless steel finish, Gas models feature the patented infrared burner system, Easy clean stainless steel open pan, 32mm drain valve, over temperature safety cut out, 2 x 13litre capacity 88,000 BTU/HR, 25Kw

£950 +VAT

Fryer for sale
The 600 GR3/P LPG salamander grill is a must-have for any fast-paced commercial kitchen where space is at a premium. Featuring powerful ceramic plaque burners, the grill guarantees rapid heat up times, speeding up your cooking process to help you meet demand during busy services. Finish - external Stainless steel Output 42 burgers/hr, 24 steaks/hr, 108 toast slices/hr 1/2" male gas connection Powerful ceramic plaque burners Vitreous enamelled interior and hood for cleaning Cool to touch handles

£275 +VAT

Grill for sale
In very good condition. Full pressed and sealed hob top for easy cleaning
Automatic power reduction, if pan boils dry or is removed Prolonging hob life.

£120 +VAT

Hob for sale
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