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Thermair - Bath

Sales and service of used and new remote beer coolers, ice machines and flakers.

We also carry a number of T bars, fonts and single taps - ideal for hire to festivals and functions.


VISION remote beer cooler integarl air cooled. Pics show top lid blanked for micro brewery/fermentor use but can, of course, be supplied with product lines for tap room, and typical dispense i.e. 10, 12 or 14 coils (10 metre and standard coils available) incl 2 x 3/8 John Guest fittings for top pump.

£550 VAT Free

VISION remote beer cooler with heat dump. Heat dump allows heat from chiller to be removed to outside. Available with 10 coils (5 x 10 metre coils and 5 x standard) incl 3/8 John Guest fittings and 6 x 15mm for top pump and heat dump.
Correct operation along with ice bank confirmed by a fully qualified F-Gas refrigeration engineer. All lines cleaned and sanitised. Technical assistance and specification freely available.

£650 VAT Free

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