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Enomatic ENOLINE Elite 8 (v.2.5( 4+4 Dual Temperature dispenser for back bar or self service, SN: M17000674 1x WineGEN

Enoline 4+4 bott. Refrigerated (8 bottles in a row).
The system has a dual temperature compartment managed separately from 6 to 18 °C (from 43 to 64 °F) in order to serve both red and white wines.

The machine is just 2 years old.

£6999 +VAT ono

A discrepancy of 10°C is ensured between the top and the bottom of the wine dispenser.
Easy use and cleaning: direct access to the bags in box thanks to the stainless steel and hermetic door, automatic defrost and
removable draining plate. A perfect hygiene: any risk of infiltration thanks to Vitop hermetic connectors. High resistant silicone tubes link the bags in box to the push taps.

£299 +VAT

This is a Enoline SMART 4 Bottle Wine Dispenser which allows you to keep white or red wine at the perfect temperature.

Using state-of-the-art inert gas preservation, enomatic prevents the wine from being altered by oxygen and protects its organoleptic integrity (taste, aroma, body, and color) for up to 21 days or more.

£2250 VAT Free ono

Roller Grill Wine Dispensers DV10
1x Loose
2x In Box

£399 £250 +VAT

Hi. Please can you mark this ad as sold. Many thanks Stewart

£330 VAT Free

£3250 +VAT ono

| Quantity: 2
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