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Limited kitchen space needn’t hamper your ability to provide your customers with high quality foods cooked to perfection within this superb Rational Oven. The oven comes with a numerous features all of which are designed to ensure the highest standard of food and efficiency within your business. These features includes; individual programming of at least 100 cooking programs with up to 6 steps transferable via USB, mode selector for cooking modes, separate controls for temperature, core temperature and time settings, high-performance fresh steam generator, digital temperature display, probe for core temperature measurement and 5 programmable fan speeds all of which helps to ensure all your meals are cooked to perfection time and time again.

£2995 +VAT

Oven for sale
This quality boiling pan by Fagor is perfect for preparing and cooking a wide range of foods. It features a counter balanced hinged lid, stainless steel burner which is controlled by a safety valve. It also has a water inlet solenoid valve and hot or cold water selector switch which ensures this boiling pan can be used for both boiling and brining foods within your busy restaurant. The front pot drainage tap ensures effortless and efficient cleaning and operation.

£2250 +VAT

Boiling pan for sale
This quality fan assisted convection oven by Unox is the perfect addition to your business. The compact size ensures it will fit perfectly within any establishment large or small. It comes complete with one shelf making it the perfect addition to your business.

£650 +VAT

Oven for sale
This table top sous-vide water bath is the perfect machine to cook vacuum sealed meals, tempering chocolate coating, yogurt making, flan-cooking or it can be used as a bain-marie. The uses for this highly versatile piece of equipment are endless. It features drain valves and convective water circulation and two tanks which can be independently controlled making service and operation effortless.

£350 +VAT

Sous vide for sake
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This quality hot dog roller grill by FKI is the ultimate machine for cooking large quantities of sausages with ease, the rotating Teflon coated rollers turns the sausages automatically ensuring even and consistent cooking results. It comes complete with adjustable temperature controls which give you full control of the cooking process whilst the glass sneeze guard ensures the hygienic service of hotdogs for your customers to enjoy.

£350 +VAT

Hot dog grill for sale
Ensure your business has all the storage needed with this quality three door prep fridge by Blizzard. It features fan assisted cooling with even air flow by ducted system and automatic defrost ensuring efficient cooling throughout. The prep fridge comes complete with one shelf per door which provides ample storage for all your chilled produce.

£595 +VAT

Prep fridge for sale
This compact heat well by Hatco is perfect for keeping soups, gravies and other such products at the perfect serving temperature. It is perfectly suited for use as a part of your front of house service as it will fit directly into your counter. It has a separate control box which makes it easy to operate out of the site of customers. Additionally it has 3 temperature settings of low, medium and high for warming, steaming and boiling and includes a low-power mode saving energy and reducing costs.

£95 +VAT

Heat well for sale
This compact salamander by Garland is perfect for grilling, roasting and melting a wide range of items for your customers to enjoy. It is the perfect addition to any establishment where space is at a premium.

£350 +VAT

Salamander for sale
Entice customers to purchase their favourite chilled drinks served from this stylish bottle cooler by Osborne. The attractive grey exterior with an oval viewing window will ensure your products will stand out within any establishment. It comes complete with a single shelf which provides ample storage for your chilled drinks.

£295 +VAT

Bottle fridge for sale
This Afinox 4 door prep counter will add space to any kitchen providing a worktop and refrigeration space all in one. This counter has the added benefit of four door access to its spacious storage which will enable even the busiest kitchens to have vast quantity of chilled food immediately to hand. It features lockable castors for movability and positioning and comes complete with one shelf per door.

£750 +VAT

Prep fridge for sale
This top quality chargrill by Electrolux is new but is at a reconditioned price. It has heavy duty cast iron grill ideal for char-broiling products and one side of grid suitable for meat cooking, whilst the reverse is suitable for fish making it perfect for the most demanding of food service locations. Additionally, the chargrill comes with cast iron sloping grids which allow fats to easily drain into the channels and onto the removable stainless steel grease drawer. This superb chargrill comes complete with scraper.

£795 +VAT

Char grill for sale
Speed up cooking times within your busy restaurant with this heavy duty 1400W microwave by Menumaster. It has an internal space that accommodates a half pan directly from the oven. The power options can be adjusted through a touch pad control system to match the thickness and consistency of your dish ensuring consistency throughout service. Additionally the programs can be inputted for every day popular dishes whilst the cleaning reminder and removable filters ensures clean and efficient operation.

£250 +VAT

Microwave cooker for sale
This smart white chest freezer is perfect for any establishment large or small. It has a spacious capacity which enables you to store a large volume of frozen foods ready for use within your busy eatery.

£125 +VAT

Chest freezer for sale
Limited kitchen space needn’t hamper your ability to provide your customers with quality fried foods. The fryer is the perfect addition to your business as it has easy to use temperature control with two LED indicators which ensures safe and efficient cooking. The fryer is fitted with a front drain tap which makes oil replacement and cleaning effortless. This smart fryer comes complete with a single wire mesh basket and stainless steel lid.

£95 +VAT

Fryer for sale
Provide your customers with perfectly cooked burgers, bacon, onions and other popular items with this smart flat top griddle by Lincat. It has a spacious cooking area with a ribbed section which is perfect for toasting burger buns etc.

£675 +VAT

Lincat Flat top Griddle (Ref: RHC3297) - Warrington, Cheshire
Provide your customers with perfectly chilled soft drinks with this compact drinks dispenser. It has a clear easily removable polycarbonate bowl with litre indication strikers to aid accurate beverage quantity and features a paddle system which avoids froth and beverage oxidation.

£380 £150 +VAT

Used cold drinks dispenser
Provide your customers with perfectly cooked toast and other items such as teacakes etc. with this smart conveyor toaster by Lincat. The adjustable speed and elements allow for maximum control to provide your customers with perfectly cooked toast. It also has individually controlled heating elements allowing for one side toasting of teacakes, burger buns, and other products.
This toaster is a B grade item and is in amazing condition.

£250 +VAT

Used conveyor toaster
This is a very smart refrigerated drop in unit which is perfect for self service and other restaurants.
This spacious unit allows you to display various chilled foods perfectly.

£350 +VAT

Refrigerated Drop In Unit (Ref: RHC1832) - Warrington, Cheshire
This free-standing water dispenser delivers a constant supply of high quality chilled drinking water at the touch of a button and can provide 100 cups of water per hour.

£95 +VAT

Water Logic 2 Litre Water Dispenser
This smart under counter medical fridge is perfect for keeping a wide range of medicines at the correct temperature. It features a digital display adjustable feet for easy positioning within your pharmacy. Complete with two shelves and a wire drawer this under counter fridge with interior light is the perfect solution to your storage needs.

£150 +VAT

LEC Undercounter Medical Fridge (Ref: RHC2591
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