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This Parry four pot wet heat Bain Marie is a versatile and reliable. It has the capacity to accommodate up to four 4.5 litre pots making it perfect for keeping food such as chilli, gravy, custard, baked beans and other hot foods at a safe and ready to serve temperature without the food scorching or drying out. The stainless steel construction and adjustable thermostat control ensure the product is easy to use with the addition of the drain valve saves time and effort between service.

£90 +VAT

Baine marie for sale
Provide your customers with all the fried products they love with this top quality fryer by Dean. It features heating tubes which provide a large oil contact surface and flow-tube baffles that control the transfer of heat into the oil.

£425 +VAT

Gas fryer for sale
Ensure your restaurant or hotel has perfectly clean plates and dishes cleaned to perfection with this quality pass through dishwasher by ClassEQ. It features auto clean down rinse and self-cleaning wash pump which ensures no dirty water is left in the machine when not in use, improving hygiene. It also has 2 stage filter system to protect the pump and drain outlet and an integral drain, rinse aid and rinse booster pumps. Fitted with auto-hood technology which will start the machine when the hood is closed this smart dishwasher has cycle times of 1.5 minutes or 3 minutes and has rinse aid and detergent ensuring plates, glasses and dishes are cleaned time and time again making it the perfect addition to your busy business.

£120 +VAT

Pass dishwasher for sale
Ensure your bar is fully stocked with this smart double bottle cooler by Husky. It comes complete with a single row of shelves which will provide ample storage space for all the chilled beverages for your customers to enjoy.

£225 +VAT

Bottle cooler for sale
Limited space needn’t hamper your ability to serve your customers fresh produce. With this smart compact serve over counter by Zoin you can safely store meats, cheeses, sandwiches and other items. It comes complete with a toughened glass shelf for additional display and a spacious under storage for you to quickly replace sold items.

£395 +VAT

Serve over counter for sale
This Vulcan six burner oven is an essential piece of equipment for your restaurant or bistro. The oven range includes separate controls for each of the burners and two adjustable shelves.

£650 +VAT

Gas range cooker for sale
No Commercial Kitchen is complete without one of these six burner oven ranges by blue seal.
The top performing dual fuel oven range features six powerful 5.8kw hob burners with heavy duty cast iron pan stands.

£995 +VAT

6 burner oven for sale
Popular within establishments such as, fast food chains and takeaways this smart humidified chicken display warmer cabinet features transparent doors with interior lighting and tough acrylic flip doors allow for high product visibility and display. The integrated, convenient pass-through operation allows the unit to act as a central work station maximising functionality and efficiency of the immediate kitchen work space. Complete with an independent Water-well Humidity & Heating Control.

£2750 +VAT

Display holding cabinet
This superb Pot Boy by IMC will leave your pots pans and other utensils sparkling clean every has low running costs and can be mounted over a sink unit to speed up cleaning times in busy establishments.

£895 +VAT

Pot boy for sale
This table top saladette by popular brand Polar is perfect for small cafes and delis to prepare a wide range of dishes. It features a small work top and has space for a wide range of gastronome containers which allows you to keep a wide selection of ingredients at hand. This is the perfect saladette for establishments where space is at a premium.
Please note: This saladette is supplied with dividers but the gastronome containers are not included.

£150 +VAT

Saladette for sale
This high quality oven by Convotherm is fabricated from the highest quality stainless steel. The compact size of this oven ensures it will fit seamlessly within both large and small kitchen spaces alike. The fan assisted oven comes fully complete with 7 wire rack oven shelves and has easy to use controls which make for an effortless operation. This top quality oven is the perfect addition to establishments where space is at a premium.

£550 +VAT

Electric oven for sale
This smart single door freezer is fabricated from the highest quality stainless steel and comes with three adjustable shelves which provide ample storage space for your busy kitchen. Positioned on casters for easy movement within your business this is the perfect freezer for your frozen storage needs.

£475 +VAT

Upright freezer for sale
The Multisserie by Fri-jado is a revolution in the cooking and merchandising of chickens. It prepares delicious meat and poultry up to 50% faster than conventional rotisseries and ovens. This is achieved by automatically correcting alterations in the cooking cycle. This ensures food safety and provides consistent product quality.

£4995 +VAT

Rotisserie chicken for sale
This top quality three shelved convection oven by Falcon features a 1/1 GN compatible oven with slave door mechanism and eight shelf positions which allows for easy operation within busy kitchen environments. The oven also has precise temperature control facility which ensures superb cooking performance whilst the cook and hold facility allows food to be cooked and held at optimum serving temperature.

£2500 £2250 +VAT

Used Falcon Oven for sale
This attractive fruit machine is based on the classic space invaders arcade game and comes with multiple features which will provide added entertainment within your pub or games room.

£450 £350 +VAT

Fruit machine for sale
Increase the amount of desert sales by enticing your customers to purchase the sweet treats they love with this stylish rotating desert stand! This is an outstanding machine which will make an excellent addition to your business!

£750 £695 +VAT

Rotating cake display for sale
This statue is perfect for any establishment looking to add a personality to their establishment. Stand out from the crowd this this fun and unique statue.

£500 £450 +VAT

Statue of liberty prop
This smart ITV ice machine is perfect for the busiest of bar locations. It features an impressive capacity and can produce 75kg of ice per 24 hours ensuring your bar is fully stocked with ice at all times.

£840 £750 +VAT

ice machine for sale
This smart six burner oven range is ideal for any business with limited space. The slim design of this oven offers you a full sized oven with two wire rack shelves and six burners with cast iron pan stands. If this is not what you are looking for we have more brands and models in stock. This high quality oven range is perfect for your business.
Ask today about conversions to LPG!

£720 £650 +VAT

Gas 6 burner for sale
The Parry Six Burner Oven is ideal for any small kitchen, as its small design means it is perfect for any kitchen with limited space. This oven is still able to perform like any other six burner and comes with two wire rack shelves and six burners with cast iron pan stands.
Ask today about conversions to LPG!

£720 £650 +VAT

Parry 6 burner oven
This smart server counter will look outstanding within your establishment. It is perfect for offering your customers a canteen style service. It features a chilled display with glass sneeze guard and two Bain Marie pots for keeping items such as custard at the perfect serving temperature. It comes complete with tray rail.

£960 £895 +VAT

Chilled Servery Counter
The ice machine features air cooled operation with vertical pump and built in cleaning system. The low power and water consumption helps to reduce costs without compromising the quality of the ice produced. This high quality ice machine is the perfect way to ensure your customer’s drinks stay cool for a longer period of time.

£1295 £995 +VAT

ice machine for sale
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