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Real Ale Beer barrel racking system, complete with Chiller unit and all the piping necessary to serve from 36 Barrels of Beer.
This is easy to set up and contains everything (except the beer!) to run a successful Beer Festival.
This system is run from a standard beer chiller unit running on standard mains 240 volt.
This Rack can take up to 36 Nine Gallon Real Ale Casks over two levels.

£2350 £1499 VAT Free

Undercounter – black
Dimensions: 78h x 50w x 53d (cm)

£100 VAT Free ono

Rhino double door bottle cooler.
Good working order.

£250 VAT Free

IMC bottle cooler
In very good condition

£250 VAT Free

Eco hyper Warwick refurbished in 2021. All tested and working.
Agitator motor working fine
Condenser working fine. (Made full ice bank in 40mins).
Soda recirc pump working.
DFX controller working with no defects.
Cooler has been used previously but has done very little work.

£400 VAT Free ono

2x Double Undercounter
1x Single Undercounter.

£400 VAT Free

| Quantity: 3
Well-used for outdoor events and all work well.
Vision 21 Eco Cooler with 9 x coils
Index 21 with 10 x coils
2 x Cornelius Coolers with 10 coils each.

£300 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 4
Redbull 60-Can fridge for sale.
Been used twice for outdoor events.

£80 VAT Free

This compact yet stylish bottle cooler by Autonumis offers great attractive drinks display with top performing cooling. The bottle cooler comes complete with internal lighting and one internal shelf making it ideal for use within any bar space.

£175 +VAT

Structurally unique and reliable air compressor with a surprising amount of power. Very small size and low weight enables easy handling and use.

£190 £171 VAT Free ono

1x integral remote with lid and 8x 10m coils. fully tested and builds large ice bank as per photos.
Does not come with top pump.
1x water cooled remote with lid and 8x 10m coils. New thermostat fitted, fully tested.
Builds strong ice bank. Does not come with top pump or heat dump.

£400 +VAT each

| Quantity: 2
Cornelius HydroCarbon Digital Beer Cooler currently arranged with 10 coils. Options and variants available if required ie mix of coil lengths. Fitted with 10 x standard coils (3.8 metres). Can accommodate up to 12 lines.
Complete with a full complement of 3/8" John Guest fittings along with 15mm connectors for 3 stage top pump. Price includes heat dump, glycol units are becoming more widely used due to their efficiency and the removal of heat to outside thus not creating additional load on cellar cooling plant. Lines cleaned and sanitised. Unit is recent and in excellent condition. Stainless steel tank coil.

£685 +VAT

Vision 21 Digital Beer Cooler currently arranged with 10 coils. Options and variants available if required ie mix of coil lengths. Fitted with 6 x 10 metre coils and 4 x standard coils (3.8 metres).

£525 +VAT

Cornelius Evo 70 4 line cooler for sale.
Used once to test it so is in excellent condition.

£375 VAT Free

The ICECORE15 remote cooler is a sustainable remote cooling and carbonating system that has been developed and designed to improve reliability and lower customer service costs.
Trials conducted in the UK have shown a reduction of up to 65% energy saving

£500 VAT Free

MF Python cooler with digital control.

£295 +VAT

£250 inc. VAT ono each

| Quantity: 2
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