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Scotsman counter-top Ice Dispenser producing cubelet ice, designed for hands-free operation.
They allow customers to cool their drinks as per their own taste, making it easy and preventing any potential sanitary hazards: clear and pure ice bits drop directly into the consumer’s glass.
Scotsman Ice dispenser TCL180 is the Industry benchmark in the ice or ice and water dispensers segment.
Production 150kg of ice in 24 Hours
Storage Bin 5kg Capacity

£850 VAT Free

Beer crane in full working order and tested. If there is any special request, please email. All existing things at myself as I do, for the price is so low. 3 x tap (gold) - new Faucet - new All connected is new. As seen in photos.

£400 £350 VAT Free ono

Ice machine in perfect conditions, still under warranty (bought it in Aug 2020 - 2 year manufacturer's parts and labour warranty), reason for selling is that I had to upgrade to a modular machine in order to have a bigger storage for ice, aside for that, it has been a very reliable piece of equipment.

£1350 inc. VAT

1 x Oxhoo Indigo 15" colour touchscreen terminal
1 x Oxhoo TP85 receipt printer
1 x Datalogic Heron HD3130 barcode scanner
1 x 16” cash drawer with insert (black)

£950 VAT Free ono

£300 VAT Free

New DC PG50ISD Glasswasher. Heavy-duty wash pump - superior integral peristaltic detergent and rinse aid dosing units - EasyClean dual filters - removable anti-block wash and rinse arms - hydro-dynamic basket slides - moulded wash tank to prevent debris build-up and assist maintenance - extra loading height - counter-balanced door - self-draining wash pump for improved hygiene - low-volume wash tank - double-skinned and insulated - stainless-steel cabinet and door - insulated boiler - low water usage - simple, intuitive controls

£1600 +VAT

Roller Grill Wine Dispensers DV10
1x Loose
2x In Box

£399 £250 +VAT

True Solid Swing Door Stainless Steel Back Bar Cooler
Model: TBB-2-S
Grade A in Box
Quantity: 3

£1399 £1195 +VAT each

| Quantity: 3

£600 £550 VAT Free ono

Perfect for use within any busy establishment this ice machine by Simag is suitable for small spaces yet it can produce up to 26kg of ice per 24 hours. The ice machine also has a spacious storage bin which enables you to have ice readily available for your customers.

£450 +VAT

This dishwasher is in full working order, in excellent condition, cleaned and tested by our qualified engineers, Touch Screen operating system for ease of use, Capacity 48 glass racks / 40 dish racks per hr, includes, Drain pump, Capacity 18 plates, cycle time 46-162 seconds. Temperature Range Tank temperature 40C to 66C rinse temperature 40C to 85c, Single phase 3Kw power required

£1500 +VAT

This ice maker is in full working order, in very good condition, cleaned and tested by our qualified engineers, The IM-240M2E Ice maker can produce 210Kg of ice per 24 hours and has a bin capacity of 144Kg, closed cell water circuit for ultimate Contamination protection Weight 114kg, 240v single phase
Dimensions Height 1510mm x Width 704mm x Depth 685mm

£1200 +VAT

Brand New Hoover HWC150 Wine Fridge. WINE wine coolers are designed to store your wine in the best possible way, guaranteeing perfect temperature and humidity levels for preserving all its flavour and sensory qualities. Their elegant design and refined attention to detail make them appropriate for any room, from the kitchen to the living room.

£295 +VAT

Brand New Hoover HWC154 EELW Wine Fridge. The HWC 154 EELW Hoover wine cellar is designed to store your wine in the best possible way, ensuring perfect temperature and humidity levels to preserve all its flavour and sensory qualities.
Wi-Fi connection

£395 +VAT

Brand New Hoover HWC 200 EELW Wine Fridge. Free-standing wine shop H-WINE 700 ADV in black with a total volume of 198 l and 13 bamboo shelves for up to 82 bottles of wine . The Hoover HWC 200 EELW / N has the option of controlling the wine shop via the Wizard application with a wide range of additional information and functions.

£795 +VAT

Brand New Candy CWC021ELSPK Wine Fridge. Freestanding wine shop - Single zone, mechanical control, LED lighting, 6 chrome shelves, quiet operation - anti-vibration system

£260 +VAT

Brand New Candy CWC150UK/N Wine Fridge. CHROME SHELVES
Candy chromed shelves are a combination between design and versatility. Thanks to these shelves you can store up to 4 different types of bottles.

£275 +VAT

Brand New Arctica HEA653 Ice Maker. A compact counter top manual fill ice maker with Stainless steel body, plastic lid. Supplied with ice scoop. Easy to clean. 12kg/day output, ambient temp 40c. Cycle time 6 to 13 minutes and produces 2 sizes of ice, low water indicator & full ice indicator.

£160 +VAT

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