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Pub Clearance Auction
This machine is in excellent condition and has been through our workshop where it has been stripped down, serviced and thoroughly cleaned by a qualified engineer before a lengthy test procedure to ensure the machine is working correctly. Any faulty parts have been replaced.

£1595 £1195 +VAT

DC series Glass or Dishwasher.
Under counter. 3 minute cycle, cleans and sterilises glass or tableware.
Comes with 1 flat tray for glasses and one for plates with a smaller basket for cutlery.
FREE water softener with it, which reduces limescale and extends the life of the dishwasher.

£500 VAT Free ono

£950 £850 +VAT

350 x 350mm rack
Maximum useable height 240mm
Dimensions W400 x D495 x H590mm
Height excludes adjustable feet which will add 5 - 15mm

£750 inc. VAT ono

£450 £300 VAT Free

Glass washing machine 360 pint glasses/hour 350mm basket Gravity drain 13A | Adexa BW800
New glasswasher never connected / wired or plugged in. One very small dent/nic on the top base. The washer comes with the wires/hoses/basket.
Model Arisco BW800p (drain pump machine) slightly smaller than the BW1200 model.

£600 inc. VAT ono

Make your cleaning tasks simple with these compartment glasswasher racks from Cambro. The rack will fit within most commercial glasswashers, and provides individual compartments. The compartments are separated by a plastic guard that prevents glasses from knocking into each other, which otherwise could cause issues such as scratches, cracks or shattering.

£850 £500 VAT Free

If you are in the industry where lots of glassware needs to be cleaned; I am sure you may have heard of Hobart. This powerful unit has the capacity of cleaning up to 960 glasses per hour, or up to 48 racks per hour. It features an integrated Reverse Osmosis system removes impurities from water; setting this above other machines in the market. Senso active resource management is a feature that responsibly manages your water consumption! Stainless steel build makes for easy cleaning.

£895 +VAT

Condition USED but looks brand new.
Works perfectly
Perfect for events, banqueting, hotels, pubs and restaurants.

£600 VAT Free

63 x 74 cm
Make Hobart
Model GPS-70
Removed form a large corporate office complex this was on service contract so it was looked after regardless of cost

£1200 +VAT

60 x 60 x 85 cm on stand off stand 70 cm
This was removed from a small office canteen
In good condition with light use

£600 +VAT

Omniwash Jolly Glass Washer
This item has been checked by our engineers and is in full working order.

£495 +VAT

Brand New DC EG35 Glasswasher Gravity 350mm.
Energy-saving wash pump - low water usage - Easy Clean filters - removable anti-block wash and rinse arms - optional thermo stop for guaranteed rinse temperatures - integral detergent and rinse aid dosing units - simple, intuitive controls - supplied with 2 glass baskets.

£780 +VAT

Brand New DC EG35D Glasswasher Pump Drain 350mm.
With drain pump
Energy-saving wash pump
Low water usage
EasyClean filters

£870 +VAT

Brand New DC EG40 Glasswasher Gravity 400mm.
Energy-saving wash pump
Low water usage
EasyClean filters
Removable anti-block wash and rinse arms
Integral detergent and rinse aid dosing units

£900 +VAT

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