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Pub Clearance Auction
Beermaster Cellar Cooler BMO 150 - BMIE 407-89. In excellent A1 condition.
Approx 5Kws at 12c. Approx 4Kws at 4c. Will operate in cellars above ground up to 66M³ and cellars below ground up to 105M³.

£995 +VAT

Cellar Cooler

Good working order

£400 inc. VAT

Cellar Cooler very good condition

J and E Hall International

£500 inc. VAT

£600 £400 VAT Free

£600 £200 VAT Free

Fujitsu AUYG24LVL
7.1kw 24,000btu
600cm x 600cm compact ceiling cassette.
2-stage turbo fan
Improvement of the airflow distribution

£495 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 2

£550 VAT Free ono

£100 inc. VAT ono

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