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Hoshizaki FM-150KE-50
Ice production capacity: 150 kg/24hr
Connections - Drain outlet: 3/4” (Rear)
Ice type: Flaked
Power: 640W
Storage bin capacity: 57 KG
Maximum ambient temperature: 40°C

£850 £500 VAT Free ono

The Hobart Ecomax G504W-10B (formerly G504W) undercounter glass washer from Hobart is their largest size (500 x 530 mm rack) in the Ecomax range.
With fast wash times (capable of 60 racks per hour), and a 25 pint glass capacity, the G504W-10B is ideal for behind or under bar instillation. Easy to use electronic controls and digital temperature indication display to avoid operator errors.
This reliable German built glasswasher is an excellent choice for those starting up their business.
3 Months Warranty

£650 VAT Free ono

Combining the latest in professional washing technology with years of commercial warewashing experience, the Hobart Profi AMXX pass-through excels at cleaning the most soiled crockery and utensils. With fast programme cycles and impressive savings in efficiency, the AMXX is the perfect solution for busy hotels, pubs, restaurants and institutions.
This dishwasher delivers a rinse temperature of 82°C for 12 seconds, a temperature that won't be reached when handwashing. As such, cleaning your equipment with this commercial dishwasher is the only way to guarantee effective sanitation when washing - ensuring staff and customers are protected against transferrable viruses.

£2000 VAT Free ono

28lb peeler in good working order.
2" waste and 3/4 water feed.
Good grit chamber and plate.
On/off switch with thermal overload cut out.

£800 £600 VAT Free

Good Clean Working Unit, bench mounted or supplied with wall mounted shelf.

£350 VAT Free ono

Moorwood Vulcan medium duty gas oven range, with six burner option. Moorwood Vulcan offers the ultimate in design and service excellence with this stylish, functional MVR6 medium duty oven range, manufactured to the highest standards. Powerful burners, precise controls and a versatile choice of accessories. The product is ideal for a hard working kitchen and is designed to provide many years of value-for money service.

£650 VAT Free

• Simple operation, full control of the machine is via the simple switch panel.
• Maximum load height, allowing even the tallest of glasses to be washed with ease.
• Robust construction, the cabinets are built from stainless steel.

£450 VAT Free ono

£250 £200 VAT Free ono

Dualit Conveyor Turbo Toaster J416
A fast and efficient double feed conveyor toaster which boasts energy saving features making it an excellent choice for busy commercial use. This Dualit toaster is one of the most advanced units available versatile enough to toast bread and waffles in whatever quantity required up to a maximum bread thickness of 30mm.

£250 £150 VAT Free ono

£150 VAT Free ono

£250 VAT Free ono

£400 VAT Free ono

All working and serviced water boiler. Water filter included, drip tray.

£195 VAT Free ono

£425 £400 VAT Free ono

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