Sold Custom Built Beer Font Taps 10 Products Industrial Style - Bournemouth


This is a custom fabricated 10 product beer font which I had made for one of my pubs. The fabricating alone cost £1200, then the taps are £30 each and the drip tray was £200, giving a total of about £1700 cost price. It was specifically made to be of an industrial rusty style, not shiny, although it could easily be painted or powdercoated if you wanted. The pub now has 16 taps instead of 10, so I have had a new one made, this is the only reason I'm selling it as I think it's beautiful and makes a hell of a statement on any bar!
The two bolts which hold the tap plate on at the back have come loose, however it is just two spot welds required and would literally be a 5 minute job for a welder. I can arrange it if this a problem for anyone.

Delivery notes

This item is located in BH9 2JQ Bournemouth and pickup is preferred due to the size. However I will deliver up to 50 miles for £1 a mile.

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