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This seven burner wok range has been fabricated from high grade stainless steel which prevents warping of the tops. The range features a stainless steel splash back and comes with a total of two water pipes.
The seven burners are configured with five at the front and two at the back making this ideal for any busy restaurant.
Power: Natural Gas

£1450 +VAT

Large wok cooker for sale
No kitchen is complete without this stylish Foster Gastronome Super Fridge. It comes fully complete with four shelves ensuring you have all the chilled storage space your business needs. The fridge is positioned on casters for easy movement and positioning within your business.

£410 +VAT

Upright Gastronorm Fridge for sale
Used in many establishments this sleek and stylish 6 burner oven range is the ideal oven range for your commercial kitchen. Fully complete with removable cast iron pan supports and a large spacious oven complete with two adjustable wire rack shelves. Fabricated from high quality materials this oven is in good condition.
Brand: Falcon
Power: Natural Gas

£750 +VAT

6 burner gas oven
Ensure your business never runs out of chilled storage space with this smart walk-in cold room. It comes complete with floor and is easy to construct. Please see additional image for a detailed floor plan to make sure this will fit within your establishment.
Single Phase

£1750 +VAT

Walk in Fridge for sale
Serve your customers outstanding pasta dishes cooked to perfection within this outstanding pasta boiler by leading brand Frymaster. This top quality pasta boiler features programmable controls which makes it easy to produce perfectly cooked pasta every time no matter what type of pasta.

£495 +VAT

Pasta boiler for sale
Ensure your kitchen has all the chilled storage space needed with this smart fridge by top brand Foster. It comes complete with three shelves which can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of chilled produce. The fridge is positioned on casters for easy movement and positioning within your business.

£425 +VAT

Upright fridge for sale
No busy kitchen is complete without this top quality twin tank fryer by top brand Blue Seal. It features a quality enamelled control panel with large easy to use controls and comes fully complete with two wire mesh baskets and a stainless steel lid to preserve the oil between services. Additionally this fryer is positioned on two sturdy feet at the front and two casters at the rear which makes it easy to move and position within any busy kitchen environment.

£750 +VAT

Fryer for sale
Reduce the chances of your drains becoming blocked with fats and grease with this grease guzzler system. It is easy to install and will break down grease, cooling oils and any animal fats by using naturally occurring micro-organisms which will reduce the fats oil and grease into sizes that will flow through the drains and prevent the drains from getting blocked.
Power: Single Phase

£495 +VAT

Greese Guzzler
Limited kitchen space needn’t hamper your ability to safely store a wide range of fresh produce for your business. This under counter double fridge is the perfect addition to your business it comes complete with one shelf across both doors which ensures you have all the storage space you need.

£325 +VAT

Under counter fridge for sale
Provide your customers with outstanding sushi made fresh with this quality rice mixer. It evenly combines seasoned vinegar with the boiled rice to produce perfect sushi rice which will complement any sushi fillings. This time saving machine will produce a top quality product which is hard to master by hand ensuring your customers have consistent sushi every time. It has an easy to read display panel and three easy to use button controls which ensures easy and effortless operation.

£995 +VAT

Rice mixer for sale
Provide your customers with pizzas baked to perfection within this top quality electric three tiered pizza oven by Swedish brand Sveba Dahlen. This dependable pizza oven is capable of producing large volumes of pizzas and it quickly reaches the pre-set oven temperature ready for busy service.

£3995 +VAT

Pizza oven for sale
These smart round tables with glass tops will look stunning in any café, coffee shop or small restaurant.
Please note: The Table tops are MDF.

£10 +VAT

Round Tables with Glass Top (Ref: RHC2162) - Warrington, Cheshire
| Quantity: 8
Perfect for providing your customers with freshly brewed tea this smart stainless steel multipot has a large capacity which makes it ideal for use in a wide range of establishments such as hotels, B&Bs, cafes and even schools and community centres. This multipot can be positioned anywhere as it does not connect to any power source.

£45 +VAT

Water dispenser
Professional robust stainless steel filter coffee maker manufactured by Coffee Queen in Sweden comes complete with 2x 1.9ltr glass jug and can make up to 24 cups of fresh coffee in less than 10 minutes.
The filter coffee machine features two hotplates that maintain the heat of the fresh coffee for hours in the glass jugs.

£75 +VAT

Coffee filter machine for sale
This heavy duty, stainless steel salamander has three high power gas burners and twin heat settings specifically designed to cope with constant demand in the busiest kitchens. The five shelf positions allow for maximum versatility in toasting, browning and melting. Fully complete with a removable drip tray to catch food debris this salamander has two heat zones which offers cooking flexibility and reduced energy consumption. This salamander is the perfect addition to the busiest of kitchen locations.

£695 +VAT

Salamander grill
Whether you're making salads or sandwiches, the True two door prep counter ensures your food is kept at the perfect temperature to keep it fresh. With a handy slide-down lid, the food is hygienically stored, keeping pests and bacteria away. The counter also includes a convenient chopping board - perfect for preparing food directly in front of your customers in salad bars, sandwich shops or pizzerias. This prep fridge comes complete with two shelves per door which ensures you can safely store a wide range of produce and have it at hand when needed. It also comes complete with gantry which provides additional storage for your business.

£650 +VAT

Heated gantry prep fridge
Make sure your glasses and dishes are squeaky clean with this top quality dish & glass washer By Hobart. It features rinse aid and detergent and comes complete with a drain pump making it perfect for any bar space. It is capable of washing up to 60 cycles per hour thanks to the 60 second or 180 cycle times which ensures your glasses are squeaky clean at all times.

£1250 +VAT

Ecomax By Hobart Dishwasher (Ref: RHC3622) - Warrington, Cheshire
Achieve perfect results with this top quality Blue Seal Chargrill!
With its powerful stainless steel burners and radiants that generate maximum heat ideal for sealing in flavours this chargrill is ideal for your business. The sleek design and inclined position of the heavy duty cast iron grates to deduce flare and enabling the grease to run off with ease.

£995 +VAT

Char grill for sale
This top quality dishwasher by Hobart is perfect for any busy bar space. It is capable of washing up to 60 racks per hour and has a choice of three cycle times of 60 seconds, 90 seconds and 120 seconds which will ensure even the dirtiest of items are cleaned to perfection. Additionally it has a built in water softener and an extended rinse cycle for tall and stemmed glasses. The interlocked strainer prevents blockages and damage to the wash system whilst the clip-in wash and rinse arms allow easy removal and replacement which makes the dishwasher easy to clean and maintain. It also has a USB interface which allows quick transfer of operational data via USB stick.

£1495 +VAT

Front dishwasher for sale
Ensure your customers chilled drinks stay chilled for longer with ice made from this top performing Hoshizaki ice machine. It features advanced design hygienic closed spray system reduces bacterial build-up with door gasket to prevent ice contamination and is capable of producing an impressive 95kg every 24 hours. This top quality ice machine includes a hygienic built-in storage bin with 50kg storage capacity. The modern and easy to use control panel enables fast and efficient operation and the removable door gasket prevents any heat and contaminants from entering the bin whilst making it easy to clean. Additionally each cycle is made with fresh water, ensuring only the highest quality of ice, protecting the integrity and flavour of your customer’s drinks. This top quality ice machine includes automatic rinse and flush cycles to ensure ice quality is of the highest standard possible for your customers.

£1450 +VAT

Ice machine for sale
White capital upright fridge features an easy to use digital controller for precise temperature adjustment and has low energy consumption and fan assisted cooling. The spacious interior comes complete with 4 height adjustable shelves which will provide ample space for all your chilled produce. This smart white fridge is perfect for establishments where space is at a premium but requires quality refrigeration.

£325 +VAT

Upright fridge
The front breathing refrigeration system makes it suitable for use even in enclosed areas whilst the easy to use microprocessor control with digital display on the front provides easy visual reference. Additionally, the two fixed shelves provide ample storage space whilst the stainless steel exterior and aluminium interior ensures it is easy to clean and maintain. Positioned on roller castors at the rear for easy movement and positioning within any small kitchen area.

£265 +VAT

Undercounter freezer for sale
An exceptional product by Blue Seal this smart 8 burner cook top is perfect for the most demanding of locations it features a heavy duty stainless steel finish with removable heavy duty cast iron burners and vitreous enamel pot stands which ensures safe and efficient operation. It also has additional storage space below for you to safely keep pots and pans at a convenient location.

£995 +VAT

6 Burner for sale
This stylish display fridge or Freezer is perfect for showcasing a wide range of produce whilst keeping it at the perfect serving temperature. It comes complete with four adjustable wire rack shelves which provide ample storage and display for a wide range of products such as cakes and deserts. Finished in stainless steel this display has three glass panels and a mirrored back panel which ensures items can be seen all at all angles.

£595 +VAT

Display freezer for sale
These smart black café style chairs are perfect for any small café or coffee shop.

£10 +VAT

Cafe chairs for sale
| Quantity: 16
These smart Britannia tables have cast iron bases and smart wooden tops making them perfect for any restaurant, pub or bistro.

£95 +VAT

Tables for sale
| Quantity: 6
These black industrial pendant lights will look outstanding within any modern bar, restaurant or café.

£75 +VAT

Ceiling lights

£75 +VAT

Ceiling lights
| Quantity: 11
Height: 390mm / 15 Inches
Width: 310mm / 12 Inches
Depth: 310mm / 12 Inches

£150 +VAT

Shop lighting
| Quantity: 4
Achieve outstanding cooking results with this smart flat top griddle by Lincat. It is perfect for cooking a wide range of foods such as burgers, eggs, bacon and even pancakes. This versatile piece of equipment is the perfect addition to your business. The one piece cast iron griddle plate with integral splashguard gives excellent heat retention and prevents seepage of grease into the body avoiding premature component failure.

£110 +VAT

Griddle for sale
Provide your customers with delicious foods cooked to perfection with this smart contact grill by Lincat. It features a thermostatic controlled twin head model with ribbed upper plate and smooth lower plate which is ideal for locations where space is limited. With fast heat up from cold and the powerful 1 kW element in upper plate and 1.25 kW in lower plate gives balanced cooking meaning there is no need to turn food.

£275 +VAT

Grill for sale
Provide your customers with outstanding quality ice-creams made with this compact ice-cream maker. Simply add your ingredients and the machine will mix, freeze and fluff the mixture to produce light and indulgent ice cream, sorbet or frozen yoghurt for your customers to enjoy.

£150 +VAT

Ice cream maker for sale
This smart upright double freezer by Foster is the perfect addition to any establishment. It features six adjustable shelves, ensuring that you can safely store a wide range of frozen products with ease.
Comes complete on castors for easy movement and positioning.

£650 +VAT

Upright freezer for sale
This stylish under counter bottle cooler is perfect for any back bar location. It comes complete with two height adjustable shelves which ensure you can display popular drinks with ease.

£150 +VAT

Bottle fridge for sale
Speed up preparation times with this top quality vegetable preparation machine. It is perfect for slicing, chipping and dicing of fruit and vegetables and comes complete with a total of 10 blades with stands. The machine can handle large and small throughputs with equal ease. Changing from one cut to another only takes a few seconds. This top quality veg preparation machine is very simple and safe to use as the motor stops when either the cover or hopper is raised additionally there is a built in safety a brake motor which rapidly stops the plate and grid rotation in case of an emergency.

£225 +VAT

Prep machine