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Sold WineGen Enomatic Enoline Elite 8 - Lincolnshire


Available model:

Enoline 4+4 bott. Refrigerated (8 bottles in a row).
The system has a dual temperature compartment managed separately from 6 to 18 °C (from 43 to 64 °F) in order to serve both red and white wines.

The machine is just 2 years old.

It is also possible to move the internal divider to offer a 5+3 configuration.
Temperature setting: from 6 to 18 °C (from 43 to 64 °F). Cooling system: by refrigerator compressor.
Use and system activation: the system can be used either behind the counter (without wine card) or self-service (with wine card).
Gas supply: food grade Nitrogen or Argon (cylinder or generator not included).
Volumes: 1 or 3 configurable volumes with touch screen key display.
Display: each position has an LCD graphic touch screen interactive display to monitor the dispenser’s functions. A central LCD graphic screen supplies general information. Materials: stainless steel, prepainted steel, glass.
Colours and finishings: In addition to the classic stainless steel finish, it is possible to choose from the following
model L H
Colours: “black elegance, “black elegance precious” (pistons, handles and spouts in gold finish) or RAL customised colours (www.ralcolor.com).
Lighting: double LED. Light intensity can be set;
it changes according to different functions.
Environment control: a junction box performs a check on all external environment conditions (temperature, pressure, humidity) in order to auto-adjust the dispenser’s efficiency.
This guarantees increased precision of pour volumes and better functionality of the refrigeration system. Nitrogen/Argon leak control: a designated pressure control system highlights any gas leak directly on the display.
Bottles lifting system: by pneumatic pistons.
Positioning: can be lined up on both sides; support furniture needed.
Wine card types: chip card (SMART card) and RFID MIFARE (shared-use MAD system compatible). Finger print, magnetic stripe or bar code customizable upon request.
Modules interfacing: LAN network, TCP/IP protocol.

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Depending on location but UK delivery £200.00

Item is in Lincoln, Lincolnshire UK LN2 5RU

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