Sold 3x London Images x 1 of each - Sussex


Quite striking with its bold imagery. These London paintings are oil on canvas, not signed, so just painted by someone with an eye,oh suggesting a cyclops. The entire background is painted in a crimson colour to contrast with the imagery which is painted in a burnished gold. Good dimensions and going to look striking as a set along a wall be it commercial or residential. Can be brought individually if required.

Dimensions….70.5cm x 90cm

Buckingham Palace. CODE ART643 Dimensions 70.5cm x 120cm Cost £25.00 + VAT

Marble Arch. CODE ART644 Dimensions 70.5cm x 120cm Cost £25.00 + VAT

Admiralty Arch. CODE ART645 Dimensions 70.5cm x 120cm Cost £25.00 + VAT

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