Sold Technics SLDZ1200 - Birmingham


The SLDZ1200 features a rotating direct drive platter, MP3 playback, SD card playback, SD card memory for loop and cue points, sampler and digital output. The SLDZ1200 features the cool (if not cooler) looks of the lassic turntable as well as a familiar layout like the start / stop switch, pitch fader and of course the platter design. Pitch range is selectable between 8 / 16 / 33 and 50% there is now the ever popular pitch lock (also known as master tempo or key lock) as well as a pitch reset to switch off the fader all together.

Motor off / free wheel switches off the motor but still lets you manipulate the sound using the platter. The 4 cue pads give you instant access to as many points on the CD. The sample pads can hold 4 individual samples,eachof which can be trimmed and looped. Both cue and sample points can be stored on the internal memory or on the SD card. The reverse toggle switch is chunky and does just that to the platter with a realistic light lag in time as the motor change direction, there is a handy 'instant change' switch if you want to the sound to reverse immediately. Then there are the built in effects: First is the Vinyl Simulation effect which is just a rangeof 8 different EQ and sound settings for the audio, including an 'old radio' effect and 'telephone'. The Dynamic FX is the where the real fun starts which has : One Way - only scratches when the platter is moved orward, TT Dist : Distortion- controlled by platter movement, TT Wah effect -Controlled by platter movement, Air Hammer: chopping or cutting effect, TT Pan : Audio panning from left to right with platter movement, Autopan, Ring- speed can be controlled by platter. On top of the platter is the special slipmat with grooves etched into it to give a feel of a record.

The movement of this mat controls the sound. In the middle of the platter is the hard to miss display with a small cluster of buttons. These buttons control the real time looping and re- -looping as well as switching the display into its' various modes
as well as the track and shuttle search buttons.

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